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Chicken limping on right leg?

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My chicken has been limping for quite some time.  My father tied a wood piece with some cloth to help the chicken's leg stay in place. We kept it for a week and a couple days, but he's still limping. Any suggestions?:idunno ​

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How old is the rooster? Does his leg look broken, or is there any swelling or bruising? Had he been picked on or hurt by another rooster? Can you post a picture? Broken legs and sprains are very common, especially in young cockerels who can be flighty. Resting the leg for 2-3 weeks with confinement to a small pen with food and water may help. Splinting can help, but only if the bone is broken, and if the splint is put on correctly. Some leg injuries cannot be fixed, especially if they are fractures up high on the thigh. Here is a good article (look on pages 17-21) about splinting legs in birds that shows the leg anatomy:

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I will be posting a picture later, but the rooster is about 5-6 months old. He isn't bothered by it at all, he walks around like he doesn't even have a limped leg. I don't think he has any pain in the leg since he hasn't been showing any sign of it. He also had it since he was a couple months old but it is way more now. When he stands up, one leg is pointing straight forward while the right leg is "far away" from the body and pointed to the side.


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That sounds more like a leg bone deformity that has caused a tendon issue, or an old injury that has healed wrong.  Check his footpad to make sure there are no signs of bumblefoot (swelling and a dark spot or scab.)

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Here are some articles about leg bone deformities called varus valgus disorder which can cause one or both legs to turn outward or inward:

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Okay, thanks for helping! 

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