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Sick Rooster

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Hi all, I just joined this page, but have been reading here for quite some time.  I have a rooster, 6 months old, who seems very sick.  He is hunched up and lethargic, also he seems to have a little blood in his mouth.  He was eating quite a bit today, but also seems excessively thirsty.  He will drink a bunch of water and then throw some of it back up.  His crop was totally empty this morning when I picked him up.  He is pretty thin as well.  He was dirty all the way to his skin on his back and bum so I bathed him.  The rest of the chickens (about 70) seem totally fine.  I have been feeding fermented feed for the last few weeks, as well as their normal dry layer pellets and some scratch.  I was also putting vitamins and electrolytes in the water a couple of times a week.  He was de-wormed with liquid ivermec on his back about a week ago when I first noticed he seemed a little off.  I have him on extra vitamins at the moment, but I'm not sure what else to do for him?  Thoughts?

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Welcome to BYC. Does he have any gasping, nasal drainage, or coughing? Is he having loose droppings or any blood in them? Coccidiosis might be a problem with him being hunched and lethargic, and especially if he is having diarrhea. Corid is the treatment for that.  I would check him for evidence of lice or mites on his skin. Try to get him to eat some chopped egg and a bit of plain yogurt. Put some electrolytes in his water. Bring him inside where it is warm if possible. if possible, I would have him seen by a vet tomorrow AM, and get a fecal test for coccidia and worms. 

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He does have some nasal discharge... and seems to have a bit of laboured breathing... His droppings are loose, but no blood.  I live in the middle of nowhere... and we are in the middle of a blizzard... I won't be able to get to a vet, or even a store for awhile.  I don't have Corid.  I have a lot of stuff here at home, including antibiotics, electrolytes, vitamins etc.  I have him inside in a crate, he is warm.  He has no mites or lice, I checked him very carefully.  He ate a lot of scrambled egg today, his apatite seemed good, but this evening he seems almost worse... I think I have done all I can for him for tonight, I hope he makes it through the night... poor little guy.  I just wish I knew what this is... The rest of the flock seem ok... I do have a little silkie with wry neck too at the moment... she seems ok in general though.  

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He made it through the night :)  He's still lethargic, ... I made him some scrambled egg with turmeric, vit D, and cooked in lots of coconut oil... he pecked at it half heartedly for a few min, and then gained speed and ate most if out when I hand fed him.  He pooped a LOT last night, it's much more solid, but smells pretty bad.  I have electrolytes and vitamins in his water... he's warm, and has a little friend with him... 

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Have you seen more bloody material in his beak? Has he done any gasping? He could have a virus called ILT if you see more bloody mucus from his beak. The blood could have been from something he swallowed or he may have injured his mouth. Let us know how he vets along.

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I have seen blood in his mouth a few times, but I'm also now feeding him red water (vitamins etc)... I will look up the symptoms of ILT.  He is not gasping all that much, though he is breathing with his beak open at times... 

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ILT stands for infectious laryngotracheitis, a viral respiratory disease. Symptoms include coughing up bloody mucus which can be slung around the coop walls from head shaking to clear the airway, gasping, "pump handling respirations" or gaping. It is not responsive to antibiotics, and is contagious.

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OK I don't think that's it.  I looked it up.  He is pooping a ton, but now the poop is goopy and seems to keep just falling out... his bum is mucky again.  He is eating well still... almost anything i put in front of him.  He had some kefir with BOSS and Barley in it, as well as cooked carrots, scrambled egg with turmeric... I don't know what else to do.  I am hoping somebody can pick up some Poly Vi sol for me tomorrow... 

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Can you take him to a vet? Blood in the beak is never normal. He could be tested, and that would tell you what you are dealing with. Your state vet could tell you if they are seeing any particular diseases in your area at this time. ILT and other viruses will run their course over several weeks. If he has something bacterial, it could respond to antibiotics such as Tylan and oxytetracycline, but it would be good to know what to treat for.

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The only vet in the area is 2 hours away, and they only deal with dogs and cats.  I'm in the interior of BC, Canada... quite literally the middle of nowhere lol.  :) I do most of my own vetting, and most of the time I succeed, but this guy is a bit of an oddity.  He is also my favourite little guy.  His name is "Charming" because he charmed his way out of the rooster pen, and into the hen house.  He is just so **** friendly.  Will fly up onto my shoulder and follows me everywhere.  Every time he sees me he's under my feet, begging for pets.  Sigh.  It's always my favourite ones that get sick :(


I did notice that in his beak there seems to be a bit of .... an abscess? or... it's kind of like a wound or gap on the outer edge of the bottom beak... hard to explain... it may be where the blood is coming from.  I have a type of antibiotic here, I have started him on that, and my Dad is going to pick up the Poly Vi Sol for me tomorrow.... any idea how much to give?  Thank you for your help.  

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