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If you are using vitamins with electrolytes, then the Polyvisol is not needed. Poultry vitamins or Poultry Nutridrench is better, but most people use 2-3 drops of polyvisol each day in chickens. There are some viral and protozoan diseases that affect the beak area, such as wet pox and canker. Pictures may help.
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I think I'm losing him :(.  I have tried everything.  He is lethargic today and can barely stand.  He won't eat.  Yesterday he ate everything I put in front of him, but today nothing.... 

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I'm sorry that he is worse. Most states have a state vet who will do a necropsy and test for respiratory and other diseases. You can refrigerate the body if he dies and send or take it in to have it performed. I really hope he pulls through.

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I lost him :(  Unfortunately there is nowhere to take the body for a necropsy... Not anywhere near here anyway... :( I wish I knew what caused this, but I have no idea.  Thank you for all your help.  I appreciate it. 

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So sorry for your loss.

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