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We caught the girl a few days after my last post. She is now in the pound where hopefully she is going to stay, we caught her scaling the 5' fence, so for those of you asking if my pen is not secure, I free range my birds, and I accepted the fact that I can lose a couple birds here and there, but it's worth it when you're flock is healthy. :)


Now about getting 14 replacement birds....

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I was frantic when this happened. My husband was beside himself cause I just couldn't stop crying. They were my silkies and I kept thinking how they couldn't even fly to try and get away. You lock them up for safety and something nasty kills them. And you become attached to anything you care for every day so it's heartbreaking. I contacted an old timer I got my swans from and he gave me traps to use. The first nite it killed 13.didn't eat them, just killed them. I understand they go for the blood but such a waste. Then it got in and killed some of my BCM and WELSUMMERS that I'd just hatched out a few months prior.about 14 that night. It was so bad I'd go up at night trying to catch it. Left the lights in so my birds had a chance to get away. 3 days later we caught the culprit. I hate killing anything but that was a good day. I just worry another will come. People who let there dogs run and destroy others pets are an awful bunch. They have no thought for the others who loose.

It's  very upsetting and I'm so sorry  :hugs 
I mod a pet loss chat room and people confess losing their pets is one of the most painful things that's happened to them. 
I don't blame the dogs (or even coyotes!) it's their nature to kill.
I do blame the bad pet owners. They usually don't even fix them either! 
My own dogs are fixed, and not allowed to run loose, yet one of them, Lacey, has a very high prey drive. 
She even hunts mice! Unfortunately she has killed 4 of my chooks. Which was  MY fault, for not making sure the house door was fully shut behind me. 

My 13 year old  pitbull lets my hen Miss Biddy stand  on him and peck at him.  


He's bored by the chickens! Still I never leave them alone together. 

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