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Ok firstly how many birds do you have ? Is a large run with covering a possibility ? Securing your birds is the best solution. I like the electric netting and shining ribbons that you put up, also "night Eyes" or "Night Guard" are great solutions.
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Kholskoffe...How is your hen?

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Sadly, she went last night.
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I'm the neighbor
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I have 11 hens now. We have been locking the birds up since i lost my dominique. The original run is very secure. The secondary run has some small holes from where the gates didnt line up that i need to patch. Hoping the hawk cant fit through
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ohh ok..Sorry for your lost Dorthia..RIP little hen

..I liked to have my hens free rooming but I ended up fencing a large paddock with a net on the top to prevent losing some more, and a wild life proof ( even snake proof) coop for nights.. For me, it was too hard to lose them....Good luck

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Yes, since this is a Cooper's hawk. They sit wait and watch for ways to get into your coop. Secure the hens with a tough wire. Basically, if it is raccoon proof it is everything proof. Go onto the forum and look up raccoon proofing. My coop made out of the 10x10 Home Depot shed 699.00 wood. Heavy wiring approximately 300.00 for that plus tools. NOTHING has EVER gotten in. It was also way cheaper than a pre-made coop. I don't ever let my chickens free range. I have none at the moment I gave all of mine to Kohl, and other friends. He also made this coop cheap and predator proof. Mine needs repairs maybe Kohl can upload pics of his. I had motion lights, cameras, and a baby or barn monitor so I could hear and see everything. 24/7 no surprises. It is truely astounding the amount of predator in the city we have it all from owls to coyotes. It is the predator that you don't know about that gets your hens. So I always say , be ready for anything at anytime, and always. If your hens are not under lock and key 24/7 expect to have one attacked. Look up how to Fort Knox your existing coop and post picks we can examine and tell you where things need extra reinforcing. The Home Depot coop will also work for 11 hens, but it would cost you well over a grand to set it up so fixing your own coop is best.

A word for anyone that hasn't lost a chicken yet, and is new to the hobby. Predators are everywhere, around every corner, on every block, and acre of land. They are waiting, ever vigilant, alway watching every hour of every minute, of everyday, plotting, to kill your chickens. They are intelligent, determined, and can break into your coop as well as any human can. Keep this in mind, then, go out, and build your coop.
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She wasn't mine either, she belonged to the guy behind us. She was one of his game hens. He had her in a chicken wire wooden cage. The raccoons broke in and pulled her out.
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