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Please advise as what to do about this eye problem.

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Does anyone know what is wrong with this girls eye ?

She has been lethargic for the last couple of days.

Yesterday i picked her up and saw her eye like this.

I made her a scrambled egg with yogurt and meal worms because 

it seemed that her crop was empty. Today i offered her the same treat but her

crop was full and she didn't want any. She seems to stand in one spot

and not move for long periods of time. She is 1.5 years old.


Is there anything that i can treat it with or do i need to take her to a vet ?

any advise is appreciated.



These are the best pictures i could get of her. Im posting pictures of both eyes.

The left eye seems to stay closed most of the time but she will open it.


thanks in advance











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I forgot to mention that i wormed this girl about 6 weeks to 2 months ago.

She was exhibiting lethargic behavior and i wormed and she recovered fully.

But i did not do the 10 day follow up dose as she had recovered and showed

no negative behaviors. Could this be related to worms again considering

the current lethargic behavior ?

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I used safeguard liquid goat dewormer - 1/4 cc

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I just went out to the coop to check on her and she was sitting sideways on the

roosting board. There was a liquid puddle under her and her bottom was messy.

I cam in the house and got a 1/4 cc of safeguard and gave it to her. I will do the

follow up dose this time just to cover it. 


Since she has been lethargic and now i have seen liquid stool under her,

i wormed her again just in case.



I have no idea if the eye thing is related

to the diarrhea problem or not. So I'm still looking for input on the eye problem.

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I wish I could see her left eye a little more close up and clearly. Do you think her eye could have been pecked? Is there any pus or white gunk in the eye? Is she having any nasal drainage, gasping, sneezing, or rattly breathing? Will she eat some chopped egg, tuna, or wet chicken feed? I would add some electrolytes to her water. Many things can cause watery droppings including worms, coccidiosis, infections, and drinking a lot of water. I would also use a little plain yogurt, buttermilk, or probiotics in her food or water.

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she is still lethargic today and I think the reason her crop seems full is because she's full of water I don't think she's eating anything solid and she has diarrhea. I'm on my way to tsc to get her some vermek tin spray for her eye. I tried to feed her scrambled eggs yogurt and worms again today and she would not eat it. she constantly shakes her head back and forth I think that may be because of what's wrong with her eye.all she did today was set in the run by a water dish. Im adraid im going to loose her so im doing everything I can but im unsure of the correct steps
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You never answered questions about her symptoms and what you see in her eye. I can't see the eye clearly in the picture, but she may have a respiratory disease such as MG or coryza that is causing her eye to be like that. It can also cause lethargy and head shaking. Tylan 50 injectable would be good to give her. Give 1 cc or ml twice a day for 5 days orally. You will need a couple of syringes and needles to withdraw the medicine from the bottle. She needs to take fluids right now especially, so give her water with electrolytes and vitamins.

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this is what i bought and sprayed in her eye - VETERICYN WOUND & SKIN CARE

not vermectin


I can't see anything in her eye. It looks like she is keeping it shut most of the time and its swollen.

At the point that i need to try and diagnose a respiratory disease or treat it, i would have to take

her to a vet. I don't feel comfortable with giving her meds when i don't know what I'm doing.

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The Tylan can be given orally which is why I suggested it. A vet is a very good idea if you have one available. Vet's have other sometimes better antibiotics. They can also do a culture on the eye to see what bacteria or virus is causing it. Let us know what you find out. Vetericyn makes an eye gel and an eye wash specifically for the eyes.

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Is Tylan a vet only product or is it available at farm stores ?

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