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Torn off wattle!

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Hi! I have a Rhode Island Red hen who my husband just found laying upside down in the food trough! It looks like someone was fighting her for position on the upper roost as there was blood on the walls up there. So, reading here I see that it's not abnormal for that to happen, and that even some people dub their chickens this way. But, what about her laying upside down in the food trough? And when my husband picked her up out of there and put her on the coop floor, she just layed right over. Is that normal? I'm assuming she's a little traumatized by the whole ordeal and maybe it happened pretty recently. Right now we have her in the dog kennel in our heated garage so she can rest for the night. It doesn't seem to be bleeding at all anymore. Anything else I should do? She's in there clucking at my 3 year old who is singing her get well songs lol.

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That sounds so sweet! I hope for your 3 yr old' s sake that she gets well quick. I hope she wasn't injured in her fall. Watch carefully when you decide to place her back in the coop after she has done some healing for a couple of days. BluKote on her comb or some Betadine would cover the red area to hide the red wounds. Plain Neosporin or Vetericyn would be good for the comb as well. Chickens can recover fairly quick from injuries, but I would watch her closely to make sure she can get up, walk, and is eating a drinking. Look for any sprains or broken bones. Give her some chopped egg, tuna, and her usual feed with plenty of water. Let us know how she is doing tomorrow.
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She's not getting up. She kicked over the water in the night so she's laying in wet pine. yuck. I tried moving her and she clucked a little but didn't move. I don't want to move her and hurt her. Will it be OK for her to just lay there for now and get up when she wants, even though she's laying in wet straw? I have opened the kennel door and put her food an water just outside so she can't kick it over again. I'm so afraid she's not going to make it.

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OK, I moved her a little to get the wet pine out and put new in. She won't move herself. She will go back to on her side with her head turned upside down. It's so sad. I don't know what to do for her. She won't move, so won;t eat or drink .I made her scrambled eggs and put it up to her mouth but nothing. When I pet her she makes these sad little mewling sounds ;(  She must have hurt herslf when she fell but I don't know where she's hurt and I'm scared to move her too much. Could she have hurt her neck but still be alive? This sucks not knowing what to do.

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Chicken heal very fast make her drink and eat she should be better in a week or so.
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How can I make her drink and eat, I tried scrambled eggs and she would not open her mouth. If I get a dropped for water will she be able to swallow it? She wouldn't drown would she?

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You can tube liquids into her. She will not be in any danger from not eating for a few days. Keeping her hydrated is MUCH more important at this time.
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Dip beak into the water then flip them up it will flush it down her throat. If the food is easy to get to she will eat. You could also put electrolights or sugar into their water that will give them a boost of energy which will be enough for them to heal.
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Thank you. I do have electrolytes I am going to start with a dropper. Problem is, she is laying on her side with her head conpletly upside down. When I move her, she moves back to that position. She must have been injured more than just the torn wattle last night. I have scrambled eggs right beside her head and will start the dropped with water now.

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If she is by herself she might want a friend with her. A friend can be there with her at all times it will help her eat.
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