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my grand mother lives on the other side of the mountain beyond us, she have a flock of 23 guineafowls of various colours.Her flock of guineas are laying and the two of her hens have keets that are a week old.
so I asked her to borrow me one of her adult hen (six years old).
when I went back home with this hen called lilly. I didn't coop her I let her roam around, she emitted a buck wheat calls all along.
I knew the will be vicious fights among chickens,guineas hens with lilly.
two days passed I notice that Lilly has a strong bond with my cock.Lilly was laying the time my grand mother gave me her. she spent most of her time with this male which I never saw with my guinea hens.

What I really want to know is what cause guinea hens to lay?
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Ludwing best friend of I...

Let me tell you something about guineas, of domestic and wild guineas.
Most guineas wild/domestic mainly begin to lay eggs when they reach 8.5months but wild guineas usually take longer up to a year.
Most guineas wild/domestic mainly breed in spring or late summer to Autumn.
helmeted guineafowl is a monogamous species especially in the wild, although domestic guineas are polygamy sometimes.
The clutch of a single hen range from 6-15 eggs hatching about 24-26 days

For your question "what cause guineas to lay" most guineas begin to lay eggs when the day lenght increases, but still not the point.
Guineafowls love rain ( but not for swimming like ducks )breeding season of my guineas coincide with rainfall or will lay after rainfall.
the anly reason that cause guineas to lay is the abounding of insects fostered by heavy rainfall....

best wishes
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it has been the worse dryer summer ever and extremely hot, so that might be the cause, even liĺly the new hen I haven't seen any eggs from her.
The guineas freeranged from their youngling age to adult, many folks believe that they might be laying somewhere. we don't have too much thickness,tall grasses,many bushes around us.We are mainly surrounded by plain grassland. I check every day to our thickest guarden of grass where they spend most of their time.
The other thing my grandparents told me is that guineafowls don't actually need to be feeded alot especially is they are freeranging, they can find their own food.

So mybe someday I'll stumble upon a large clutch of eggs, but that someday is a day know one knows and often never comes.

Thank you justin and all of you BYC friends

I'm wishes
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