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When did you all start getting pips? Today is day 19. I had an egg shaking yesterday after we went into lockdown but today nothing. There's nose prints all over the incubator lol. We are so impatiently waiting for these babies.

No external pips until day 21! Out of my 3 viable eggs 2 hatched within 24 hours. I had to wet the membrane on one and totally didn't see that a second egg was already zipping! She wound up being bound by the membrane and I helped her out and got her sufficiently wet. Both are healthy smile.png the third Never pipped and died, so I hatched her and she had a MAJOR defect, her brain growing outside of her head and no skull!!
Very crazy.
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I had a pip early morning Wednesday which was day 19 and another in the evening. Got up at 4am to a new chick! Hoping for more pips when I get home from work.
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Is it to late to join your thread? I'm on day 18 and my nerves are a wreck! So glad to read everyone's story
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The more the merrier! What are you hatching?
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I have a mix flock. Rhode Island reds, Australorp Buff Orpington and my Rooster is a Brahma. This is my first time hatching so hopefully it works out.
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Originally Posted by debosaurus View Post

Placing my First eggs in my incubator tomorrow! I am renting the Brinsea mini from a local farmer who does hatches in schools and whatnot, and have purchased 7(max capacity of incubator) heritage eggs!

I will be picking them up tomorrow and putting them into the incubator.

These will be my first chicks, and I am hoping for a relatively rooster-free crop, but we shall see!

Who is hatching with me?
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I just got finished hatching 15, got one egg left to see if anything happens by tomorrow morning. 15 out of 19 is great. They are all from my flock which I've had since last February.
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Nice! I'm building my flock from scratch right now after now after not having one for the last several years. Decided is like to try to hatch my own. It's definitely a learning experience!
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Opening didn't kill them, I turn mine by hand twice a day. How did you turn them, do you have a fan in the incubator, did you have enough water for the humidity.
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We have our first pip!!!! 😀 wonder what it will look like in the morning. Hopefully we have a zip or a chick! 🐣
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