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I have researched a lot about llamas and feel they would be a good fit for our newly started farm (we have chickens and goats). We live in North Pole Alaska and have not found any for sale or heard of anyone having them? Does anyone out there Live in a cold climate Who has experience raising llamas and where I might find them to purchase them ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Hello.  I just saw your post.  At one time we lived in Anchorage.  We did not have llama at that time but I do know there are folks in Alaska and in Canada who own them.  They are native to very cold climates but there are some care precautions that you would have to use.  If you are interested, I can link you up with some facebook pages that have llama folks.  I have not had a lot of luck drumming up interest here.

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Thanks puffin fluff but I don't use Facebook. For now until I can research some more we going to stay with our goats and chickens and try turkeys and possible ducks when the weather gets warmer and maybe a pig. We're just talking about that one right now
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No problem.  They are really not too difficult.  They are a very different creature and depending on what you are wanting to do with them depends on time commitment etc. 


Hope you guys are having a great winter.  I miss the snow.

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It has been an awesome winter and it's only -2°
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I know Anchorage was always warmer and I heard they didn't have any snow this year yet but were up here in North Pole
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The last year I was there we had record snowfall in and around Anchorage and I had Moose grazing on the bushes in my yard because they couldn't dig out the stuff in the mountains.

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Oh wow that's quite a change from this year's warm weather
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Hello. I have 7 Llamas joining my farm at the end of February. All registered. I am located in northern Alberta. I am happy to share my experiences with you. I am in a cold climate and have no concerns for the animals. I have built a large south facing shelter for them and have a fully fenced acreage. Being a high altitude animal, they are used to the cold climate. High summer temperatures can be far more detrimental to them then the cold. Feel free to contact me with questions as well :-)

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Thank you so much Sandra. I look forward to any future threads regarding your new llama's.
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