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The only issue I have heard from folks in the north and really cold areas is the llamas having frost bite and losing their ears.  I am not sure how that is prevented but otherwise, I think with some shelter from the worst of the elements, they do quite well. 


Heat is our enemy here so sheering is a must. 


Here are mine.



The girls:  Sonora, Flaming Star, Shaboom, and Ladyhawke.


The boys: Poteau and Denalli. 


Denalli is the only one we have had born here so we got to name him.  Guess where the name is from?  Had to change the spelling a bit as it has been used for others.

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They are beautiful animals. Our goats suffered frostbit ears but it doesn't seem to bother them at all.
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I have heard of llamas completely loosing their ears due to frost bite.  I don't know what the precautions are for that as it isn't an issue here.

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I haven't found any precautions for our goats. Talking with other goat owners it appears they all have the same problem.
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Here is the gang! 6 female and 2 young boys. All good. They have adjusted very quickly to their new home 😀
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Beautiful!  Where are you?

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They look like so much fun to raise
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Fun is relative.  JK.  They are very interesting animals.

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