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Possibly egg bound?

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I have a older hen with a large distended abdomen, very lethargic, falls asleep just sitting, and she cannot walk. I am visiting my parents farm and I found this hen this morning on the floor under her roost.
I palpated her abdomen. It is very soft (almost gas-like) I also internally palpated her oviduct to feel for an egg but could not feel an egg.
I soaked her in a warm bath for 15 mins and gave her 2 crushed Tums for some calcium. Anymore advice or ideas?
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Welcome to BYC. Does her lower belly look tight like it is full of fluid? If so, that may be ascites or fluid in the abdomen, which can be from heart failure, liver disease, or sometimes from internal laying. Is her breathing labored? Has she stopped laying eggs? Hens with internal laying may have pain when they walk, loose droppings, poor appetite, and may lose weight through their breast area. Can you take you to a vet? If there is fluid in the belly, you can use an 18 gauge needle inserted just under the skin to occasionally drain fluid. You can insert a gloved finger an inch or so into the vent to fell if there is a stuck egg.

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Everytime I pick her up she has diarrhea pour out. I don't think she can control it. But I felt for an egg and found nothing. I do feel a spongy mass toward the bottom of her vent (not near her oviduct). She is very, very thin. I have not drawn fluid out yet but I can try. My conclusion after a day of research is either ascites or cancer.
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It's somewhat tight. Feels more like gas. She has not been laying and she has been penguin standing all afternoon with her eyes closed. Also, her toes are curled, she doesn't stand flat footed. I have syringe fed her mashed-watery chicken food and she swallows it. No labored breathing. I listened to her heart which sounded clear as well. (I am almost done with school to be a veterinary technician so I have most equipment)
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I would give her SaveAChick or other brand of vitamins with electrolytes, offer her some chopped egg, tuna, or liver with her usual feed ration. The curled toes could be a vitamin deficiency or neurological. Antibiotics can prolong life if it is internal laying.  Her quality of life is probably not going to be very good much longer. When she lets you know she is feeling bad, I would consider euthanizing her. Cancer is fairly common in chickens. You can do a necropsy on her to look at the abdomen, the liver, the intestines for worms, the inside of the gizzard, and other organs to try to find a cause of death. Take pictures and post them here. Many here are helpful about necropsy pictures. The state vet can also do a necropsy.

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Yes, I'm afraid I agree with you 😞 Thank you for your help!
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