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Hen just sits in coop in her poop

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I have a Barred Rock that is just sitting in the coop in her poop.  Any idea why she is doing this? 

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Is she eating, drinking, lethargic? How long have you had her? How old is she?

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Originally Posted by Hholly View Post

Is she eating, drinking, lethargic? 



I think more info may be needed on this one @Hholly


Pictures may be helpful. I did a quick check on the OP previous threads. They has another ill chicken acouple of weeks ago? and it died? Does this one have the same symptoms?


What exactly are the symptoms. Is she  sneezing, wheezing, any nasal/eye discharge, can't stand, what type of feed does she eat, is she eating/drinking, what does the poop look like, what type of meds has she been on, was she wormed and if so what type of wormer, etc.


You may want to isolate her in the mean time so you can observe any symptoms that she may have and also try to encourage her to at least drink so she doesn't get dehydrated.


Hopefully someone with more experience than me will chime in, but if you can post the symptoms that would be helpful.

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They free range so I can't definitely answer as to eating or drinking but since she is not leaving the coop I am going to say no.  We have had her for 2 years or so and raised her from a chick. 

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She free ranges but has access to Fancy Scratch from Atwoods with oyster shells added.  All were wormed within the last 3 weeks with Wazine.  To me, her eyes and color are fine.  Poop is very runny. 




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Scratch doesn't contain all the nutrients she needs. She should have access to some balanced chicken feed.  Is she able to walk? How long has she been sick? Has she ever laid eggs? We need more info to see the whole picture. Runny poops could mean coccidiosis. It wouldn't hurt to treat for that with Corid in the water.

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Yes she can walk but takes a few steps and just stands there.  I just gave her some mealworm and she ate a few.  She has been sick for 3-4 days.  She has laid eggs in the past but nothing for about a month or so.....nor have any of my other chickens. 

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I have purchased the Corid.  Should I give her an initial dose and if so, how much.  I found a dosing formula on the Backyard chicken website for a gallon, but not sure if I should give her her own dose. 


Thank you for all your help. 

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If she's not drinking on her own you might want to give her some with a syringe a few CCs at a time. This thread has a lot of good info. Good luck!

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 @Hholly has given you a good advice and I agree need  feed her a balanced chicken food, the fancy scratch should be used as a treat and not as a complete food.

I also agree that she needs liquids.



I apologize if I sounded abrupt or accusatory  earlier, because that is definitely not my intent. I usually look to see if  an OP has any previous threads about chicken health/injury, etc. Sometimes that may give a clue as to what may be happening with their flock and assist in helping find a solution. When I saw that you had a chicken die within the last 3wks or so, I was concerned that you may have an illness that could possibly be spreading through your flock. I was trying to determine if the hen that is now sick, has the same symptoms that the one that died had.


I do wish you well and hope she improves soon. Please keep us updated.

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