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Droopy Hen... need advice

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On Christmas day I had a 5 mo. old hen found laying on her side out in the yard with her legs to the side trembling. The older hens were picking on her and I immediately picked her up and checked her out. I found no significant injury other than the few peck marks to her face. I placed her in a crate with food and water. She laid there for 3 days and never recovered, never ate or drank or pooped. Her vent area was wet and smelled of ammonia slightly.


I chalked this up to a one time occurrence and the weak young hen was unable to survive.


Now.... last night I went out to check on things and I found one 10 mo. old hen still outside when it was well past time to be in the coop. She was all fluffed up and kind of crouched down a bit. I went inside the run and she let me get near her which she never usually does. I gave her a gentle nudge and she only took a step. I picked her up and immediately noted how thin she was.


My poor Ziggy.... I took her in the coop and placed her on a roost bar. This morning I went to check on her and she was in the poop deck sitting all fluffed up. I picked her up and noted the color of her comb and wattles a dusky color, her eyes appear sunk in and she hangs her head. When placed in the crate she lays on her side.


There is no respiratory problems, no discharge from eyes, nose or mouth.


Ziggy has always been "special" as she is slow and low in the pecking order. I am unsure of poop because there are 14 others and I have not noticed anything wrong to watch for eating and drinking. I set some water in front of her and she just hangs her head. I do not believe that she has ever laid an egg as I always suspected that she hadn't yet.


I am so sad and I don't know what this could be.


I am afraid more hens are going to get this.... whatever it is.


Everything I looked up today doesn't completely add up to any one illness.


Please help.

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I really hate to say it but thats how mine started and we haveMareks. 

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OH NO!! I was afraid of something like that..... I just checked her and she is laying down kind of on her side. She can't even hold her head up. I am heartbroken as I am attached to her the most. 

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Originally Posted by Haylees Hens View Post

OH NO!! I was afraid of something like that..... I just checked her and she is laying down kind of on her side. She can't even hold her head up. I am heartbroken as I am attached to her the most. 
I really understand! My favorite roo is holding on, still eating well but his legs are in bad shape so I know the time is near for us to do something about it.

I do hope I'm wrong. The only real way to know for sure is necropsy. If you do have it the people here have been a big help in helping me.
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Have you added any new chickens to your flock recently? Some of the symptoms sound like coccidia.
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No new flock members since August. We built a huge new coop in October. That is the only change as of recent was the move into the new coop.

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I plan to call the state Ag office tomorrow. I hate to say it or even think it but if she is still living tomorrow when my hubby gets home I will have him put her out of her misery.... My poor Ziggy. I am heart broken to say the least. I never thought I would become so attached to my chickens, but they have such personality and you just can't help but fall in love with them.... I am so sad

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Ziggy died at 0300 tonight.... no more suffering. I went out and got her at 11 last night because it was getting so cold here and I just didn't want her to have to try and keep warm on top of everything else. She had clear saliva like drainage from her beak and she just layed on my lap with her eyes closed..... She just layed on my lap on a towel and I showed her as much love as I could without disturbing her. I will still call the Ag office in the am to see what I can find out.

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So sorry to hear the sad news.


I hope you other birds will be OK.


I am having the same issue with my flock.


Lost a rooster.... put it down to a one off.


Then a young pullet slowed down and stopped eating and died after a week.


One month went by and I thought everything was OK.. just a bit of bad luck last time.


But then my much loved pet hen started aching slow, and after a few day, got really weak and not is starting to refuse food and water.  I have her isolated and on anti biotic treatment.


Same as your birds.... no injuries, no breathing problems or anything else.  Poop looks normal.... but getting smaller as she is stopping eating. 


No idea what is going on.  I just hope I am not going to looses all my chickens one at a time. 


Please let me know if you find out any info about what is wrong with you birds. 

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