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Fowl Pox in flock.

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Almost two weeks ago I noticed a black spot on one of my wyandottes wattle. Spots are now on her comb and several other chickens either have black or white spots on their combs/wattles. My only guess is fowl pox. None are lethargic or lacking appetite. All are acting just fine sans the obvious spots on their combs/wattles. This is my first winter with chickens period let alone with a case of fowl pox. Anything I need to do in order to prevent it from getting worse? I've put vitamin/electrolytes in their water. Don't know if it'd help but figured it couldn't hurt. I've read conflicting things on treatments. Heard you can give some kind of injection underneath their wings or just let it run its course.

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The vitamins and electrolytes is about the best thing you can do for them while it runs it's course (as long as it's just dry pox.)
When ours had it it lasted about a month maybe a bit less.

Wet pox is the one more worrisome since it can get inside their mouths.
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Thanks for the reply. I've been thinking they have the dry variety but sometimes worry it may be wet variety because there's been sneezes here and there. But it is starting to get cold here and was raining a lot last week. At times I just jump to worse case scenario. It's still relatively early in this whole thing. Do you know if a chicken with wet pox would have lost their appetite, become lethargic, or start gasping at this stage of outbreak? It's been almost 2 weeks since I saw the first bump. How did your flock act until it ran its course? 

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