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I personally think ducks are easier to raise than chickens. Ducks grow a lot faster, but with that they are messy and very stinky. I would not recommend brooding ducks inside. Especially the mallard derived ducks. Muscovies aren't as messy as the mallard derived, but still messy. Ducks (especially muscovies) grow a lot quicker which makes them easier, they cost more to raise the first few weeks because they grow so much faster, but they barely eat any feed after they grow out. They will drill non stop for bugs and eat those over feed all day. They also don't destroy your yard or grass in the same way as chickens do. Chickens eat grass root and all, ducks trim. They do drill and you will have small holes, but the majority of their area will still have grass unless it gets really muddy. Over all I think they are easier and more cost efficient in the long run than chickens. That's just my opinion though. 


Mallard derived ducks are noisy and some are very skittish, so if you want them not to be as noisy and friendly you need to interact with them A LOT to have them get used to you. I have raised Khakis, Harlequins, Rouens, Runners, Swedish and I think that's it. The most quiet was the Rouen's and they were very sweet. They can become less skittish and noisy, but it will take a lot of work. 


My favorites are my muscovies. They are curious, funny, not skittish no matter how much you interact with them, are very sweet and and are quiet. Boys wheeze and girls coo, I only have 8 right now, but even when all of my muscovies are going at their max "voices"  their noise level is still less than one mallard derived duck. 


Also, one thing to note do not keep feed or water in doors where you keep them or you will have a lot of messes and keep gravel or something around any area where they have their water so you don't have to worry about a lot of mud.