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Is my coop/run suitable??

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I recently built a 4x8 coop for my soon to be chickens, it also has a 2x7 external laying box (4 dividers inside it). The coop is 7feet tall on the inside and has about 30 linear feet of roosting posts. The coop is up off the ground 2 feet and encompassed by a 24' x 24' run. If my math is correct that's about 46sq ft inside( counting the laying boxes) and 576' outside.

I was hoping to raise 15 chickens. Is this suitable?
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Sounds like you built a really nice chicken coop! Thats big enough for that many. Please post some pictures.

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Still painting and securing the fence. Used 19G hardware cloth on the bottom and chicken wire on top. Going to install a solar electric fence on top for the fox and coons. Concreted the hardware cloth in the ground 1 foot deep.
I also have to install my bird netting over the top to keep the Hawks out!!
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And install my PVC watering system! Can't forget the food and water!
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The coop will be a bit crowded with 15 large breed birds. Nest boxes do not count towards floor space square footage. 

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But they will probably be in the run during the day, and with 30 linear feet of roosting space it should give the birds enough space at night.

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But if it's the only place for them to stay out of the weather, it's going to be too crowded. Too small of a coop only works if you live someplace with perfect weather year round. Climate needs to be taken into consideration. If the birds will be confined due to weather, then the coop will need to be much larger for 15 birds.

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