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Keep the rooster for as long as he is respectful. I have had roosters that follow me around the yard like a dog, best friends with my old cat and greeted everyone that drove up with his crowing.  Then again I had a rooster that I could not turn my back on because he would try to spur me.  All were very protective of my hens and called them when I brought treats which they let the girls have first. My hens were able to free range without worries. Plus the crowing was very entertaining.


If you pick your eggs everyday you will not find a baby inside.


I have had aggressive hens also. Someone has to rule the roost and watching as the chickens figure out their pecking order is sometimes hard.

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We also purchased a variety of chickens for our coop and like you we thought we only wanted hens.  We ended up with one Golden Laced Polish and one Ameraucana Rooster.  "Rooster" does not necessarily mean that they will be aggressive.  The Golden follows me around like he is love struck.  The Ameraucana is 3 times larger than the Golden and has shown the Golden who is top cockerel!  But he is wonderful with the girls, especially protecting them from hawks.  We actually have had a hawk land in the yard and he had already called all the girls to safety under a hemlock tree.  


He is gorgeous too with beautiful long green iridescent feathers.  He keeps the neighborhood kids at bay just by size alone.  No one comes into the yard as long as the chicken are out just by virtue of his size.  As for your daughter, you can teach her to move around and amongst the chicken while they are pullets.  Also stroke and love on the roosters while they are young.  Let her give the chickens treats.  There are no guarantees that a rooster or a hen for that matter may not one day get feisty, but you can start training both your chickens and your children!


Have fun raising both! 

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As long as you're collecting them every day and keeping them cool, you won't be having any chicks!  The only time they'll hatch is if they're kept warm, either under a hen or in an incubator.

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The rooster is ok and will not affect your eggs unless you want to have chicks.

The rooster will just have fun with the girls.They won't mind I'm sure.

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