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Yes, that is the playhouse.


I had the rental chickens under there during the day last year and it wasn’t ideal.  But no matter what, they will have access to that area.  We aren’t using it for anything else and it’s a nice place for them to get out of bad weather.  It has electricity and easy access to the hose for water.  If we built a separate coop and run off to the left, the chickens would have less space and it would be harder for me to take care of them overall.  Converting the upper level isn’t an option right now.  My husband put a lot of work into that and the kids still use it.  The inside has a sleeping loft, ceiling fan and nice flooring left over from one of our condos.  While it would be hysterical to put chickens in there as-is, I’m not going to fight for it just yet. LOL


Option #1.  4X8 attached to the back and tall enough to walk into.  The roost would be removable for cleaning and there would be doors on both ends with some kind of windows on the back.  This is where we got into the issue of attaching anything to the Hardi Plank siding.


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I meant a separate coop off to the right of the proposed run.

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So maybe this is just me, but I really like looking out at my coop. I think it's cute to look at. I put a wreath on the door and in summer I plant containers on the "porch". Your playhouse is beautiful to look at. I'm sure your husband is going to make an equally pretty coop. Personally, I wouldn't want it hidden behind the playhouse.

Also, that puts it closer to the property line. You have a privacy fence and the neighbors don't appears to have windows that face that direction, but I'd be inclined to choose the option that puts more distance between the coop and the property line rather than less.
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Of course, in a year when you do decide to kick the kids out of their playhouse because you've become addicted to chickens and have succumbed to the power of "chicken math", a tiny coop in back could be easily converted into a handy storage area. wink.png
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Calling it a “storage shed” that is temporarily housing chickens is what helped me win the battle to keep them permanently. ;)


There is a 15 foot easement between our back fence and the neighbors’ property behind us.  They were all fine with the rental last year, which we extended to 3 months, but I’m asking everyone again this week.  I think there is 20 feet between the playhouse and the fence.  Neighbors on either side would be most affected if we built in any other location.


If we had more land or less children and other animals, I would love to build a coop I could decorate and see from the house.  But the hens will have to settle for living (mostly sleeping and eating) behind the playhouse that gets a full set of Christmas lights.  I would take a picture later but we managed to pull them down before Easter this year. LOL

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Any other suggestions?  Need to come up with a firm plan this weekend, and I've decided not to bother with option 2.

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