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Their development may be stunted by poor nutrition. Scratch isn't exactly candy, but it isn't a proper feed either. It's only about 8% protein. For proper growth and development a chicken needs about 18% for the first 16 to 20 weeks.

You may be in the city, but even cities have predators. Raccoons, coyotes, possums, and owls live in just about every urban city environment in the U.S.

Oh,that's no kidding!  I watched a family of raccoons come up out of a storm drain - in downtown Denver.  Just because you haven't seen anything besides cats doesn't mean they aren't out there, and although your Silkie rooster has chased off cats doesn't mean he can fend off other things, like stray dogs, raccoons, owls, etc.  He's more likely to become the first course, followed by your hen for dessert.  If they don't like the coop, I'd be looking into the "why" it too dark? Is it damp? Are there mites or mice in there? Is it too small?


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@hiskoolgurl. You will definitely want to get her on some layer feed. She needs calcium to produce healthy eggs. She can have a mixed-flock feed or meat-bird feed with higher protein if you supplement with oyster shells or another form of calcium. Definitely get her on to something other than the scratch grains (she can still have a little of this each day). I highly recommend a layer feed.

x2!!  But I think rather than feeding layer, I'd go with All Flock or Starter/Grower at first for the slightly higher protein.  She does indeed need calcium to produce good eggs, but that can be provided in the form of a little dish of oyster shell fed free choice.  Your roo doesn't need the extra calcium in layer feed, and since you only have the two of them it would be silly to buy two different kind of food and try to feed them separately.  Since all they've been getting is scratch and scraps, I'd want that higher protein to build them up a bit from that diet.

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She did it!!!! I got her some good food and in about a week she laid her first egg! I'm soooo happy! It's a pretty light blue with a green tint. Now I want more chickens! It only took 10 months to get our first egg lol
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it's amazing what proper nutrition does.  Congrats on the first egg. :weee

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Great! Congrats!!
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