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Shaky head

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My chicken fedha has this problem were she shakes her head. She has done it for a 2 years and is not stressed. I just wanted to know why she is doing it? :cd


Here is a video of her doing it, Thanks..............................





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I don't have a clue but I hope someone who does can answer you.  It looks strange.  Does she do it all the time or just some times?  Is there a particular time when she does it?

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She does it all the time, every once and a while she will stop when she is eating or not moving around. She can only stop the shaking for about 10 secs, she moves around ok and has not being targeted by predators yet which is good.

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Oh that must be so hard for her to put up with. It looks to be some neurological problem, perhaps similar to wry neck. That condition causes a twisted neck, running in circles or backward, and can be a symptom of many things, such s a vitamin deficiency, a head injury, or from certain diseases including Mareks or anything affecting the brain. I would start giving her some vitamins in her water daily for several weeks to see if it helps. I suppose it also could be a type of seizure activity or a tic. Has she done this all of her life?
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Poor little thing. Bless her little chicken heart. Sad... I hope something helps her. Please try vitamins etc and let us know how she does...

thank you

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No she has not done this all of her life, I wondered if it was nerve damage or a head injury.

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