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Duck dying

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My drake this am couldnt walk and was sitting with his wings spread. It is really cold out rn. I brought him inside and he started twisting his neck and just laying there, and wont eat or drink. Im gonna try syringing him some water. He has been acting really weird the past week, just not like himself. Could he be dehydrated? Or could he have a disease? Did he have a seizure? I brought him inside already this past week but after he got better i put him out again. Please help
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How old is he do you have any electrolites to put in his water?  Keep him inside and warm.  I hope someone else can give you more help?

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I'm not an expert but I would surmise he might be eating some bad food or something bad for him. Bring him inside for a few days as an isolation measure and see if he gets better. Some vitamins probably couldn't hurt.
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Is he still alive?  Please let us know.

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He is still alive but not very responsive. He is sitting down and barely moving any part of his body. I gave him some water from a syringe
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Poor baby I hope he makes it and I hope someone else has some new suggestions for you.@Amiga    

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I wish I could help.  The only thing I know of is possibly putting electrolytes in water.  Good luck.  

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it may be from contaminated mud or food. you may try to gently give him spme epsom salts, just a tbsp in a cup of water. try to get a dropperful down. if he cant swallow it is probably too late. he wants a cool environment. this problem tends to overheat the duck. clean water dishes every day. make sure your feed os in airtight container. feed no rotten greens. keep ground dry. no mud holes. good luck on future problems.
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I dont see how it could be bad food because alk the other ducks are ok,
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