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Kelly from Florida

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I am in Florida and am being given a free coop 4x4x4.

Anyone near Vero Beach, FL with birds that need a home?

This is my first time, and I can't wait !!

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First lets :welcome


I wish you the best, but usually given away free are  extra roosters.  Not sure you want to tangle with these in your first venture into chicken keeping.    I suggest you try to find some hens and with the size of your coop, keep it to less then 4.  Try Craigs list for peeps nearby that are selling their chickens.  They should not be very high$.   Other option is to find a live poultry store in area, and take the hens live, not dressed to cook.   That is how I got a number of my  pet chickens. Yes, from the butch..     Another option is to look thru and post in your state thread. 

Here is the link;;



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