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To cut a long story short, I have a broody chicken who has successfully raised chicks in the past and it is Guinea season here in Perth, WA. I was thinking or giving her some keats or eggs and letting her do her thing, but have been told from elsewhere in the forum to look here as they are an acquired taste!

I have 3 heavy breed hens and one heavy breed juvenile rooster who are in a 10m X 15m electrified pen (foxes have been a problem) and have a small coop for night (must build a bigger one!). I'm paranoid about getting more chicks as no one sexes them here and I am a veggie and will not eat the roos or sell to eat. So I thought I could give her Guineas and create a new flock which will ultimately free range on the property (12 acres). We have a lot of ants and ticks, so I'm thinking they'd help with this.

So I guess my main questions are:

1: is there a problem with keeping all Keats regardless of sex - i.e. Can I have multiple males without issue (I don't want to have to re-home or eat any birds)

2. I've read they can terrorist chickens, but my girls & boy are massive (Orpington, Australorp and Sussex). Are they still likely to be an issue?

3. How many eggs/ Keats should I give her. They sell eggs by the dozen which sounds like a lot to me.

4. I'm about to get a bee hive, so I'm hoping the Guineas will eat the ants that threaten the hive. But will they also eat the bees (probably a stupid question).

5. For all you Aussies out there - how noisy are they really? We live in the bush with v noisy frogs & kookaburras, so constant noise all around. Are they worse? Do they shout through the night?

Sorry so many questions,

Cheers heaps,


I think whether or not people like guineas is a personal thing.  We had them for several years.  I loved them.  My husband says "Never again."  I didn't think they were noisy but they certainly sound the alarm when something is going on.  They're excellent eaters of ticks and other bugs although the chickens aren't bad.  We never had a problem with the sexes, but if you had a big overabundance of males it could be a problem.  We had close to an even number, maybe a few more girls.

     I guess what my husband didn't like is that they wanted to roost on the roof instead of the coop and they loved being on our deck which made a mess.  Other than the occasional bantam the chickens stay off the roof and they don't go on the deck so my husband much prefers them and the ducks. And everyone goes to bed in their coops.

     I would say try a few and see what you think.  We have several neighbors with guineas (and chickens) and I wouldn't mind having a few again.  Their eggs are fine to eat.  Maybe 3 guinea eggs equals 2 chicken eggs.

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Thanks guys. I got 4 yesterday along with 2 pheasants.
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They are adorable, and I would get more but they are expensive at my feed store. I would get some but fence the bees, it was a covered, fenced in area.
I don't think that they will terroize your chickens as long as they are little, but even then I've seen them get along.
I would get keets, but start off small cuz they do make a lot of noise.
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I like my guineas. I got them as keets & while they do chase the chickens at feeding time, they do a great job with ticks & snakes. They are egg laying machines & since they were raised with chickens, lay close to the coop (mostly). Best of all, I sold 11 of the keets, am keeping about 8 & will incubate & sell the rest. I am a fan of the annoying creatures.
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What about mixing them in with ducks and chickens ?
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I have ducks, chickens and guineas. They all do fine together in one coop. The guineas dont bother the ducks at all but do chase the chickens.
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I think the pros of guineas out way the cons. They do chase the roosters, not so much the hens. As far as the noise goes i find that if you choose not to let them bother you... they won't.

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How many do you have including your ducks and chickens? How big is your coop?
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The pros of guineas add up more then the cons. 

Im raising them with to 2 pheasants, that is practically like the same thing. I would just have a large enough place to raise them I think it is 7 inches for each chick but I have heard of people raising them with littler space then that. How many acres of land do you have??? :weee:cd

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I have 12 that's fully wooded and swampy
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