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Up here where it gets down to zero at times, we like to use a 2x4 flat so the belly feathers will cover the ends of the toes to keep them from getting frost bit.

Makes total sense and a good idea. Im blessed to be in Texas when it comes to peas.ūüĎć.

Gerald Barker
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I also have two with the same condition... Not sure what causes it, but to get them to heal, I wrap them.

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Thank you all for the replies.


You are right. My roost perch is just 4cm x 8cm (1.5748 inch x 3.14 inch). I measured it over the weekend. Their feet don't go all the way around it but they can only hold 50% of their foot on it. I got some new wood during the weekend and I will set it up as soon as I have the time. I am not sure what to do about the "smoothness" as the wood is store brought and it's already polished and no branch like texture.


I am posting to let you know the status of the wounds and what I did to make them better:

1. Bandage them - the bandage I used was just to make them not see the blood and the dried blood . I noticed brown (human) skin like elastic bandages were the only ones they were not pecking at (transparent ones were gone in a few minutes and white ones were similar). I bandaged them 2 times a day and I made sure they never came off.

2. For the peahen that had both her feet injured I was putting her down on the ground for treats and food in the morning at noon and in the evening - I did't want her to fly down herself. Her wounds are almost gone.

3. Put cardboard on the ground instead of the linoleum. It would make landing easier until I get enough hay to put on the ground.

3. I took them in my greenhouse when the temperature was around 10 degrees Celsius. They scratched at the ground for hours and I hope their nails have been blunted a bit.


Will keep you updated on the status of their wounds maybe someone can use this info in the future.

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You can also use "liquid bandage" its easily obtained at your local drugstore or walmart. Most wood you are going to buy will be soft enough that smoothness shouldn't be a problem. I use a 2 x 4 on end and over that cedar deck railing:

  • Top Choice ACQ Alkaline Copper Quat Treated Deck Railing (Common: 2-in x 4-in x 8-ft; Actual: 1-5/8-in x 3-1/2-in x 8-ft)

Always keep in mind that a bird needs about 3x the height of its roost to be able to land safely.¬† If you can, your birds could spend most days in the greenhouse. With their night pen at 50¬įyou could have them in the greenhouse whenever its above freezing in there with no problems. In the winter too much humidity is much more of a problem, it leads to frostbite and respiratory problems.¬† Your birds look great.¬† Good luck.

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