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2 free Bantam Hens in RI

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Downsizing to only my pure breed flock. Perfectly healthy two small pet bantam hens. One Black rose comb and one Brahma. They are not for food- pets only. One lays consistently in the summer and the other has not layed yet - unsure of age but I believe it is young enough to still lay. I have extra feed for them and a small heated water bowl that can go with them. I am in Rhode Island. Local re-home only.

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If I was closer , THEY WOULD ALREADY BE MINE.     In the fall I took  in 2 banties someone was not able to care for due to cold coop.  They are inside for the winter with the rest of my small flock.  Their pix is in my profile.   Don't want to post here now to cause confusion. 

WISHING YOU BEST.  :thumbsup


I just answered someones post who is looking to get some chickens..   They are in Florida.   If we could only travel like they do in STAR TREK. :)

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Aww that's too bad. They are great birds, I will be sad to see them go! By local I mean RI, CT, MA. I just won't ship them and I would like to know where they are going. Are you in any of those areas?
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I'M ONLY 972 MILES AWAY.   Outside of Chicago. 

They certainly would have a GREAT home here.    Now all my girls are in their Winter condo in my heated garage. 

BTW... I'm also good to all my other pets as well  .. Those kitties in avatar are well fed.    Have 3 dogs,   1 is a rescue.   My other family members  account for 3 more rescue dogs.  One of the doggies only had 3 hours left.    see her in my pix as well. The cutie sleeping covered in bed. 

I just have a feeling someone will come by ...   Roosters are harder to rehome than hens. 

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If you don't find someone, and would be willing to meet me somewhere near the middle (I'm in Southern ME, about an hour and a half north of Boston), I would be willing to take them.  Not the best time of year to try to integrate with my other 6 girls, but, I'm sure it can be done.    

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Sorry Nicky, I'm just not able to travel. That's why I was looking local so that they could be picked up. Thank you though!
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I have pets inside and outside.  I have a page on face book called The Feather Catcher's Nest.  If you cannot rehome them they would be welcomed here.  I have one Ameraucana hen and 5 boys.  She would be loved and taken care of.  If you wish to ship them I will pay for shipping.  I am located in the Eastern Top corner of Indiana 10 miles North of Fort Wayne in a small town called Huntertown.  Look me up on face book under my Feather Catcher's page or under Debi Welch.  Good Luck and stay warm.

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