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Tenacious "T"

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   The friendly farmers were beginning the punctilious process of raising chickens and turkeys, when out of the cold cruel night crept a cunning fox.  Showing his mighty hunting prowess, the fox drew nigh to the wood-crafted coop that held forty young feathered fowl, and quickly accomplished his daring and dastardly devilish deed.  

              Alas, poor Chirpick, the cackles of happy hens were heard no more, and the farmers were sad indeed.  

   But as the reaper was grim while preparing his fowl for their final resting place, the farmer harkened unto the sound of scratching, clenching claws and feeble feathers wafting the stunned silence.  There, cowering among the remains of his brethren, shivered a single white male Turkey.  The survivor extraordinaire had thus been spared from the clenches of death--not once, but thrice now! First, the jubilant one outwitted the jaws of Robber Red-furred, and most recently has been spared from the good farmers' Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner menus.  "Tenacious T" has become a legend in his time: the great white "Lone Ranger" still makes his bed on the golden straw, despite the battle wounds suffered in the melee of that fateful night. 

    Shortly after the "Fowl-play", the farmers stalked several known hideouts in their area and discovered the fiendish fox hiding out with members of the gang commonly referred to in fowl communities as "El Zorro Familia" (or "Den of Thieves".)  

    As the fastidious farmers prepared their muskets for swift retaliation, the furry foe was smitten by yon neighbor's horseless carriage on the route that is called Rural.  

The flattened fox met his sorrowful end apparently trying to answer the age-old question: Why did the chicken cross the road?                                                      Obviously, the chicken made it to the other side.....Mr. Fox!  


The moral of the story:  Count your chickens before they are hatched in a "fox-trot" plot!





      Reference: "Why did the chicken cross the road" joke and photo courtesy of Wikepedia and The Knickerbocker Magazine.

      Story and other photos courtesy of this author: NoFoxesAllowed

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Originally Posted by NoFoxesAllowed View Post




    : "Why did the chicken cross the road" 

To show the raccoon that it can be done....... 

 AND :welcome

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Hi Cavemanrich!

Thanks for responding to my post.  I tried to make a funny story out of what happened. But it was really sad when it did happen! :hit

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I understand you very much so.   Recently I lost all my pigeons to a raccoon ...   :hit

Fortunately I did not loose any of my chickens.   I always see the glass half full. not half empty.. 

Here is some ancient Greek phylosophy. 

PANTA RHEI      All things flow....    

"Everything changes and nothing remains still ... and ... you cannot step twice into the same stream


That kind of translates,    what happened, cant be undone.



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