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So back to square one on her eating, for a couple days she would eat but she lost about an oz in the last 24 hours and has not eaten anything. She has also stopped drinking and her comb has noticeably shriveled.


I'm back to tubing her tonight, going to start with 60cc water & a little nutridrench then 60cc kaytee and see how she takes it.


Any idea why should would relapse (we are having a cold snap right now but she's inside so its a minimal difference)


On another note shes growing feathers back which I wasn't expecting until her first molt (shes about 13 months right now)




Two of the punctures appear healed completely (just a light pink scar where they were) the other still has a yellowish scab over it but it is being pushed up by the new feathers, I've decided to let it fall off on its own versus removing it and cleaning as there is no sign of infection that I can tell.



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Is her crop emptying after she sleeps all night? How do her droppings look? Is she alert,  standing up, and moving normally?

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Yeah they look really good but shes still losing weight, down to 3lb 1oz now. She has now taken to attacking the tube as soon as she sees it and I can't tube her on my own anymore I have to have a helper to hold her.


Shes still somewhat dehydrated to I'm going to increase her fluids some more (she gets 200ml by tube per day) though she is drinking from a waterer some, only when its basically at crop level.


She moves around okay though no flying / fluttering at all yet and if I bring her outside she just stands by herself following the other birds about 20' behind.


Any other injured bird I've had has always bounced back as soon as their wounds were healed so I'm not sure what to do for her at this point.



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So after 22 days of tube feeding and daily care the back feathers have grown back almost 3 inches, she is standing and moving and eating.


I refreshed her layer pellets this morning like I've been doing every morning and she stood up and ran over and started eating, downed the whole feeder (1 lb feeder) by tonight when I went to check on her again and finished a 1QT waterer.


Filled both back up, shes sleeping in the hospital now but if she is doing this well tomorrow morning I will move her into a protected run and see how she does outside.


Now that this one is doing better of course I have a new emergency but not for here (Goat with a broken leg...again) :(


Thank you for all of your help with this, I've never had a hen take this long to bounce back or completely refuse to eat anything  for more than a day or so before.



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Thank you for the update, and I'm so glad to hear that she is recovering well.
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