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Buffalo, Kansas (Wilson County)

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Hello I'm quite new to the whole thing. I can't quite seem to find any information regarding Local Ordinance / Law for Poultry or fowl in Buffalo, Kansas (Wilson County).
Can someone point me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate it.
'm coming into some land around that area and I plan to utilize it.
his project i'd like to start within the next 3 months, while I continue to do research on the subject.


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Hi, maybe searching for your local threads may help?
Good luck
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I have been using as a resource in order to gain insight into the local laws and regulations of surrounding counties. Unfortunately there doesn't really seem to be a centralized database for such information. Any additional thoughts or help would be appreciated in finding out the Local Ordinances regarding Poultry / Fowl (Chickens for eggs, personal use, not large sale) for Buffalo Kansas inside of Wilson County. 

Independence Kansas allows it however the larger cities surrounding the area prohibit unless zoned for argriculture, unfortunately I cannot find a Zoning Map of Wilson County either.

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