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Seramas acting dumb

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I bought a pair of seramas last week and they are acting really dumb!? I have them in a tractor and they are eating and drinking fine, red combs and wattles. But they act like they don't know what to do. I have to put them in the coop at night and pretty much make them get out otherwise they will stay inside all day which is not good cuz the water is outside in the run. It's below 50* right now and has been right around freezing over night. Their coop is solid plywood with closed Windows and packed with hay. In the run during the colder days like today, I have a heat lamp but they don't use it. They actually avoid it. I know the run isn't hot because it's all chicken wire. They seem perfectly fine other than the fact they don't know what to do. Did I buy dumb chickens? What could cause them to be this way? Their not active AT ALL, which is not a characteristic of the Seramas. Thank s
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Could you post pics of your setup? Are they puffing up their feathers or hunched up? Do you have any other chickens? Where did you get the birds? What are you feeding? Some more info will help.

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I'll try to post pics. They are eating layer pellet and scratch. Pellets are main diet. No they are not puffed up. Not lethargic at all. They will rest a good while then move around inside the run and eat/drink/scratch around. The hen is less active. They are alert. Bought the birds from a lady I know. I've bought lots of birds from her and other than cocci treatments they were all very healthy, active birds. Good layers and very hardy. I brought home some barbanters and true rumpless aruacana with the seramas as well and they are all doing fine and learned right off the bat where to go to lay and sleep. I'm new with seramas so maybe this is just their temperament. They are EXTREMELY calm and not the brightest cookies. I don't bring home many chickens, very rare. But when I do I put them straight in the coop and leave them inside with food and water for 24-48hrs, when I open the pop door for them finally they usually bust out of there and from then on they know the coop is home and safe. The seramas wouldn't come out of the coop. If you put them in the run they wont go inside .
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Could they be getting picked on? Maybe they are hiding?

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No they are all alone. One rooster and one hen. I bought the pair. I have black copper marans and barbanters in one coop and run, araucanas in another and I have a 8'long x 4'wide x4' tall tractor just for the 2 seramas. Maybe the hen is still kinda stressed?
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Maybe they just need some time. The folks on the Serama thread might have more insight.

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