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PTSD (dog attack) and egg laying.

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I'm sure this topic makes the rounds every few months, but I'm just curious to hear other's experience. About 2 weeks ago on a cold, rainy, stormy afternoon I had two huge Great Pyrennes dogs show up that killed  3 hens and a duck. I tried scaring them with a 12 gauge, and they didn't budge. Threw firewood at them, and they just laid there like I was hurting their feelings. Still, they were beautiful dogs, and likely 150 pounds each, so I just couldn't shoot them. Finally ran them off with a tractor.


So, since then, no eggs. I've got about 12-14 pullets that weren't yet laying, but had about 3 hens and a duck that were laying well. One of the dead was my best Black Copper Maran. Exasperating. We actually had to buy eggs for the first time in years. I can't wait till these pullets get laying, should be next month, unless the winter slows them. 


Anyone have timelines on how long these stresses can hang around? 


Hold the phone. I just now got an egg. First cackle I've heard in a while. Once hen only.

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For about a week, something was getting my chickens and duck one by one. First it go a duck and then it got two of my chickens. I finally figured out that it was a bobcat and we put a stop to it. Anyway, to answer your question, they will start laying again and mine did within the next week. I'm sorry about your hens!
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Mine must be suffering severe PTSD. she has only laid one egg in the almost two months I've had her. The others didn't accept her and a fox got all her sisters. Will she ever lay an egg?
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How old is she? She may just not be laying well yet. Also, she may just not be a good layer. If it is PTSD it'll go away eventually but I'm not sure when.
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She was laying regularly when I got her. The other two never accepted her. She was a loner and they would chase her. Now she's in her own own in view of them. Also she's been sick so it is a combination of things.
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