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I had 9 eggs. one was clear and 2 quit. Since I don't count clears, 6/8 hatched, some are still damp, and fluffing, will get group pic soon. 

here are the 3 older ones.

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Sad to say but all my seramas that hatched (8) died. I don't know why. I mean, they hatched and the following day or two died. I got all frustrated and ended up selling my Serama flock. Now I have my Silkie eggs that remained from my silkies in the bator, one hatched today, hopefully things will go better with them than it did with my seramas.
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Good luck, I have eggs hatching ground hog's day and more until the 8th...

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I have the older chicks, and the younger ones...

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Thanks. I have 100 courtnix eggs went on lockdown today, got another 80 for the 5th along with 48 mixed chicken eggs, and another 22 mixed chicken eggs for the 10th along with the remaining silkies scattered in between. Never thought incubating was so frustrating.
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That is a lot of birds. I was looking at my eggs, I have 5 of 7 due this week, and was overwelmed thinking of that.

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I checked the 2nd Silkie that I put to lockdown last night and has piped and is due till the 2nd.
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this LO is also due on the 2nd.

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