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My chick is 6 weeks old and i noticed her burying herself in the pine shavings and kicking stuff on her and everywhere. Is this normal? I treat them like part of the family...😆😆 any help is appreciated and they are still in house. Was planning on keeping inside till 8 weeks
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It sounds like she is dust bathing.

Do you have room in the brooder to put in a small tub or dish of sand or dirt? She would love it.


Also :welcome

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Yes i do 😆... i just got scared and wanted to make sure they are ok. I have 3 inside a huge rubber made container with pine shaving and a perch for them along with starter feed. Probiotic mixed with water and one with just regular water. I check for pasty but every day
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I did the same thing. I think I worried myself to death and they were all happy and oblivious.

It is so cute to watch them dust bathe and to learn to perch, they grow so fast, enjoy them. Sounds like you are doing good!

Post pics of the babies when you can, would love to see them!

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Ok.. will soon as i get home..thank you!!
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My chicks are 24 days old. They are burrowing and kicking pine shavings all over the place! It's flying everywhere. First there was only one doing it and now all 3 are doing it, as we speak. I thought something was wrong and searched and came across this thread! 3 weeks seems too young to dust bathe?? They are having a ball though!
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My girls are 19 weeks and 2 are laying and 1 still isnt. I am afraid to give my girl that isnt laying the adult purina food bcuz of the calcium...
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