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For Sale: 8+ Black Quechua Olmec hatching eggs

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For Sale:
8+ Black Quechua Olmec hatching eggs

Will Ship To: Anywhere





8+ Black Quechua Olmec hatching eggs  

For shipment upon arrangement with buyer
Free shipping and top-quality packing
The BQO History:
Black Quechua Olmec are an ancient landrace from South America and an intriguing enigma.  Years upon years of my own research has only heightened the mystery.  They were originally collected in South America in the 1970's and maintained by a private collector for a few decades.  Before he passed, he gifted them to one man.  I personally obtained Black Quechua Olmec from him.  Beyond this information, there is very little documentation related to them.    
Physical Characteristics:
One of the most interesting features of Black Quechua Olmec is the presence of fibromelanism, which is the expression of black skin, meat and bones.  (Although fibromelanism results from a dominant gene, several factors affect its full expression.)  Black Quechua Olmec are predominantly black feathered and bearded.  They have a rich violet sheen on their feathers that is bold, stunning, and frustratingly impossible to photograph!   Most birds that hatch from my breeding stock are black feathered, but other varieties do pop up.  As the pictures show, many are ALL black feathered, but a few do have brown/red leakage on their necks.  Ideally, BQO have very minimal pea combs and quite small wattles.  My BQO lay creamy and light tan colored eggs.  My BQO are all tailed, not rumpless.  I believe that my years of selective breeding and careful maintenance of bio security have led to the most beautiful, healthy flock of BQO available.
Black Quechua Olmec are not to be confused with any current day hatchery stock.  At first I was skeptical about their history and lineage, but in keeping them I see behaviors that are completely different than any other bird I have ever owned.  Their reproductive behavior is highly seasonal and much more in line with that of my Jungle Fowl mixes rather than modern birds like Americauna or RIR.  Black Quechua Olmec hens are quiet, calm, and VERY intelligent.  Hens are friendly, highly curious, and tolerate children handling them.  Health-wise, I have found BQO to be very cold hardy, seemingly disease resistant, and smartly predator-leary.  In my hawk-ridden area, I never have lost an adult BQO to a hawk, despite too-frequent hawk losses of other breeds.  They love to free range and will forage for much of their diet, but do tolerate confinement just fine.  BQO roosters tend to be great flock protectors but have rarely shown aggression towards people. 
Be Forewarned:
This is not a breed, so therefore it does not always breed true.  This is a group of birds that were collected just a few decades ago and have NOT been heavily selectively bred.  I personally have been breeding for very specific traits for several years now.  I breed towards fibromelanism, all black feathers, beards, pea combs, and very minimal comb/wattles.  Even so, different traits DO pop up.  People who raise these birds value their heritage, their rarity, and their importance in the study of ethnozoology.  BQO are also quite useful for fibro projects and for people who need birds that can more safely free range in areas with predators.  Why do I personally keep BQO?  I find them beautiful and intriguing, but it is their intelligence and personalities that keep me hooked. 
Hatching Eggs Disclaimer:
I pack eggs exactly as I would want eggs shipped to me.
As with any shipped hatching eggs, I cannot be responsible for your hatch rates.  That being said, I will do everything in MY power to ensure the success of these eggs.  No one can control the Post Office, but I pack in a way that gives the eggs the best shot possible.  I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap and arrange the eggs in a manner that ensures the air sacs stay upright.  The whole package is then double boxed.  I get very good fertility here - not 100%, but certainly over 85%.  My feedback for my eggs is always great... for example:  "Thanks!! Second time I have bought eggs from this seller. Beautiful eggs + chicks!" and "Best egg packer on eBay. Great communication. I'd give 6 stars if I could." and "Went above & beyond what was necessary for my order. Best seller on ebay."  Please contact me with questions or concerns and rest assured I will do my best to make this a very successful transaction for you, as well.

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You have some gorgeous Quechua. Never heard of them before. How much for a dozen eggs?

Thank you 

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$200 for 8+, I usually send 12-13.

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Hi Mama, do you ever run across colloncas?

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I had many Collonca and became quite convinced that they were Araucana with a cool name.  :/

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Yup, that they are!  Clean faced, rumpless Araucanas!  I want some fresh stock to cross with the few we have now.

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Sorry, this season is officially sold out.  Pre-sales make up the majority of my sales, so if you want eggs in 2017, please contact me in November/December 2016.

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