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4 Hens Need Temporary Home in Atlanta

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My husband got a new job in Atlanta recently and narrowly avoided being laid off by his company here in Denver. Yay! The semi-bad news is that we'll be moving from Denver to Atlanta on VERY short notice, in mid-February. We may need some Georgia help, as we would very much like to bring our small flock with us. We have 1 RIR hen, 1BR hen, one Easter egger, and one gold-spangled Hamburg...all about 8 months old and all laying. My kids and I are super-attached to the girls, but we may need someone to look after them temporarily...if we have to live in an apartment for 6 months. I can provide a separate coop, feed, waterer, the whole 9 yards...if some kind soul could just babysit them! They are very sweet and love to be petted. We might be able to arrange to move right into a new house, but just in case--can anyone Atlanta-side help?
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Atlanta is a pretty big area. I'm about 1.5 hours west of downtown and have plenty of space to keep yours separate from mine. If you get no better offers, PM me and we'll see what we can work out.

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I live in Villa Rica just west of Atlanta on I-20. I would be interested. Same as Tabasco Jack, if you cannot find someone else pm me. Especially if you were providing the full 9 yards I have the space for them.
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Thanks so much, JacobandMegan and Tabasco Jack! You guys made my whole month; I'd despaired of being able to find a way to bring the girls along! I'm trying to work out a short-term sublet in DeKalb County while we sell our CO house and look for one in Atlanta--my guess is I can't keep the girls with me in such a situation smile.png so I will definitely be in touch as soon as I know more! I'm willing to drive them a little ways for a temporary home. After all, they'll be making the 1500 mile trip with us; they'll be regular travelers by then!
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I'm from Rome and we come down to Atlanta every month
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Thanks, hannah! I'll pm you when I know more about our housing plans.
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Welcome to Atlanta. We're in Decatur, in a neighborhood with lots of chickens. We've been thinking of getting some, but chickensitting might be a good way to try it.
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Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind offers. I found someone--a good friend-- here in Denver and decided to let the girls stay here with her. I'm so sad to let them go, but I'm happy they are settling in well with her small flock. Thanks again. You're all the best!
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Oh gosh--TheLoud--wish I'd seen your post before we set up the adoption But they'll be okay. We're actually moving to Decatur, but we'll be renting for a year. Maybe we could link up on here?
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