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Is she egg bound???

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My husband and I have a 9 month old Sicilian Buttercup.  About 4 days ago I was holding her and noticed that I felt and egg in her belly.  She had not layed in about 5 days.  We soaked her in some warm water and dried her off and put her back.  This is 4 days later and she still hasn't layed the egg, but she seems completely normal.  She is eating and drinking and running around.  She doesn't even seem like she is trying to pass the egg.  She will jump in nesting boxes if there is an egg in there and sit on the egg but never even tries to lay her egg.  It has been super cold here with a temp of like 3 this morning.  Could the temps be causing the problem or is she egg bound?

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She doesn't sound like she is distressed, so she may not be egg bound. You may have felt something else in her abdomen, maybe her gizzard or something else. She may be taking a break from her laying due to the cold weather or shortened  daylight hours. You can put on a disposable glove and feel inside her vent an inch or so with a finger to tell if she is egg bound.

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 Today it feels like there is at least 3 eggs in her abdomen and she is not acting normal anymore.  There is a bad smelling liquid coming from her vent.  Any advice would help.

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I'm sorry that she is worse. Can you lubricate a gloved finger and insert it into the vent to feel for an egg? She may have egg peritonitis or internal laying. In salpingitis, there can be a "pus egg" that can block the oviduct. I would try to get her to a vet if possible, or if there is an egg stuck, try to manipulate it out. If she is dying, then I would probably put her down, and open her belly up to see what you find inside there. Here is some reading:

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