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For the money, you can't beat a cabinet incubator by GQF or Dickeys (cheaper version made by a former GQF employee - building these is not rocket science). Unless you build your own cabinet, of course.

Brinseas are nice (I have an Eco 20 with turning cradle), but they are way more expensive "per egg" than a cabinet incubator and give no better results.

If you have a good setup to produce and sell chicks, you will pay for the cabinet incubator in a few months at most. Probably several times over in the first year.

If the cost is too high for an initial investment, get a GQF Genesis. You can probably use the turner from your old styrobator. The difference in quality and ease of use between the Genesis and all the other styrobators is night and day. You will probably want it as a hatcher anyway, when you eventually purchase the Sportsman or Dickey. And keep your old incubator as a hatcher also. They are fine for that purpose, much better than hatching in the cabinet, in fact, if you buy new, get the professional version that does not have a hatching tray in the bottom. Those are not to be used, ever, IMO.

I couldn't agree more especially the advice about hatching in a cabinet. I do not like hatching in my cabinets. I prefer to use separate hatchers.