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OMG my showgirl friends would LOVE to have one of these prancing around!

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show girls look weird but the weirder it is the more cool looking they be both of the breed make exelent mothers so this breed is very good at broody I would like to cross a silkie with a naked neck and get showgirls

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You could indeed cross a Transylvanian Naked Neck with a silkie and keep crossing back  to silkies and several people have done this. But it will take several generations to get the real showgirl look. The naked neck is dominant or partly dominant and you get that first generation but you often lose the black silkie skin for the first few generations and it takes at least two generations to get the silkie fluff back. Many of the show quality showgirls are at least 12-15 generations of work in progress.  I wasn't patient enough for that so I ordered some showgirl eggs. A showgirl can be crossed with a regular silkie and you will get a percentage of showgirls. My Imogene is nakeder than some some she will  be bred back to a full fluffy silkie.

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I love showgirls, they are just really funky looking.


I keep them for fun and smiles.


They can see a lot better than my silkies so they always get the most of the treats I give them


I also gave them a baby garter snake  I found, one of my blues sucked it down like it was a piece of spaghetti

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another shot of my blues


one has some silver in her (on the bottom)


one is blue partridge (middle one)


only one is bearded (top right)


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this one is my favorite


she is homozygous


She is white with a little buff in her


I named her skid mark lol


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I have 5 silkies and 4 showgirls


Skid Mark is the only one who roosts up high at night, the bottom picture shows the entire coops, she sleeps up top on the left


Her crop is filled to the max



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I dont know which picture you refer to

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My showgirl, Fancy. I was so excited when I found out that a local hatcher was going to start selling showgirls.
I really want to get my hands on a white showgirl, but beggars can't be choosers. wink.png
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