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Love that coop, DOUGNASH. Curte showgirl too. 

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Do you breed Turken hens to a silkie rooster to start that process of the showgirl breed
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That is the way the breed  started and some people are still doing that. But keep in mind it takes several generation to get all the desired silkie qualities plus the naked neck. If you breed turken to silkie, the first generation will have some chicks with naked necks but none of the chicks  will have silkie fluffy feathers. That's a recessive that has to come from both parents and it will take those chicks bred back to silkies to get any chicks at all with silkie fluff and it won't be all of them.  The first generation will also  have few if any chicks  with dark skin -lots of red and pink necks and combs. Try to add in solid  black skin and leg color, good puffy crests, 5 toes and a few other things you are probably talking a minimum of 5 generations to get anything that looks generally  like a showgirl and better than 10 generations to get something close to  show quality. This could be a fun  project if you have the patience and realistic expectations. They are great birds!

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Dumb question but do you use beaded or non beaded silkies?
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I have to 2 Turken hens and 2 silkie hens and 1 Blue Silkie Rooster
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I don't think it really matters if the silkies are bearded or not. You are going to get a mix of how naked the chicks are. My black showgirl a couple of posts up is from a full beared  porcelain silkie rooster and a naked showgirl hen. At least I'm assuming she was the mom becasue she was the only black showgirl in the flock.  Here's a picture of her and a hatchmate who had more neck fluff. Some breeders like a bit more bowtie and even a littte bearding. I'm partial to the full naked neck myself but I think I might be the minority. .






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Beautiful birds
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I love my Showgirls.... so glad to see that others love this little creatures, that only a "chicken momma" can love. And I'm actually hatching some as I write. I'm excited to see the new little ones!!!
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Showgirls and Shizzles rule. Truthfully, I like them better than Silkies, excepting the persistent red comb on the roosters.

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I have a white showgirl rooster and had two white showgirl chicks and a variety of silkie hens. I had no idea my rooster bred with my silkie - I thought her eggs were fertilized by my silkie rooster. But underneath her (she's partridge) were three showgirl babies. Two were mostly white with black spots and one was this gorgeous baby (partridge?). I am so used to seeing showgirls as white, it shocked me! It never occurred to me they could come in other colors. I think I am going to be addicted to breeding these cuties!!!
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