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within a few weeks!:goodpost:

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Any suggestions to why their feathers wouldn't be growing back yet? One of my hens has had a naked back for about 5 weeks. They get 16% protein non GMO layer and a handful of oats, cracked corn, protein pellets (20% I think) and dried meal worms a few times a week. I'm not seeing any feathers in the coop (does this mean their eating them?) And I've checked for mites lice and Anything else that might be creepy crawling *shudder* should I feed them feather fix?

John sorry for piggybacking on your post. Thank you for starting it. smile.png
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have you been feeding them oyster shell's that helps a lot! and if the rooster is mating with the hen it mean's that he jumps on her back and he may pull out some of the feathers that way! my roosters used to do that until i separated them from the hens so they could have a break and then once they have a break i put the rooster back in the pen with them once their feathers are all grown back. they may still wrestle with each other but not a lot!:highfive: 

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Marlo thank you for all the great information. I have a dish of free choose oyster shells all the time and no rooster. I will keep an eye on my girls and see if they improve in the next couple of weeks. I also think I will get a bag of feather fix tomorrow And mix it with their laying feed. Hmmmm maybe i should add some animal protein to their diet? I think their laying feed only has plant based protein.
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yr not hijacking,


lets keep it going I've read a lot of good info here

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I haven't found that oyster shell has much to do with feather re-growth after a molt.  It's used to provide calcium and that's all it is - calcium. The biggest help during molt is protein.  I feed mine All Flock or a flock maintenance rather than layer food.  It's usually higher in protein than the layer feed.  They have oyster shell on the side.  That way I only have to buy one food for chicks, roos, and layers, yet the girls get the extra calcium they need.


They say all things are done in a season.  Well, like yours, mine forgot to read the book that talks about which season is molting season and they'll molt any old time they feel like it.  Protein is your friend during this time but really nothing you can do will "make" feathers grow in faster - they'll come in when they are ready.  <sigh>  Silly chickens.

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Thank you Blooie. That makes me feel better about my girls. I made one of the a chicken apron because she's the smallest and missing the most feathers.

She thought she'd help me clean the coop.
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your welcome for the information! :yiipchick

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hey is this a amber link hen? i have one just like it !

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