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Peeps Journey.

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Hello my name is Amanda Gervais. I am a simple country girl born and raised in a very small town called Grand Lake Louisiana. Recently we moved to San Antonio Texas and we love it here so far. A little busier than I am used to but we still love it. Growing up my parents raised every animal you could think of. I grew up to have a very strong love for animals because of this... Anyway here is my story... 


So one day we went to the Duck Pond Park to feed the ducks and we found an egg on the edge of the water. The ducks would have never set on it where it was and it would have probably got stepped on or rolled into the water. So I took it home... and I am praying for the best. Oh and the fun part... we know its a duck (or possibly a goose) but we dont know what kind!! 



So this is the duck egg we found. I heard that using a baby wipes warmer was perfect for fostering baby finches (I have quite a few Zebra Finches) in because it keeps it at a constant perfect temperature. I couldn't just not try so I marked the egg with an X on one side and an O on the other- for turning purposes- and put it in its "incubator" the baby wipe warmer. Then I did a ton of research... 


Ok so I put the egg in the wipe warmer the night of the 3rd so we did not even count that as a day. The 4th started Day 1. As my note says: Life will not begin to form until the egg reaches the proper temperature. When we found it- it was freezing cold. I turned it and checked it every day hoping for the best but saw nothing for a while. The 5th- nothing. The 6th- nothing. The 7th I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me. But the 8th... I saw a ring inside of the egg. I thought it was starting to rot so I watched it very carefully as I did NOT want a rotten duck egg exploding in my bedroom! I keep it on my nightstand lol. So I checked on it even more often and this is the clearest picture I could get of the faint red ring! From what I read- that meant life- but I just could not believe it.




Ok so through research I found these pictures. This is a peek inside of the egg!!! It took from the 4th to the 7th for the egg to reach proper temperature and begin to form!! From day 1 to day 3 this is what was going on. The top two pictures is the cells splitting to form life!! That is the faint red ring I saw in the egg. The bottom tow pictures is the baby forming!! From day 1 to day 2.. the embryo took shape and the spine was forming!




So this is day 3 of life. I just couldnt believe it!! The ring was darker and I could see more and more lines!




A peek inside the egg: This is Peep between the end of day 2 and day 3! The spine and vessels are forming and guess what! The heart beat for the very first time! The heart was forming here- its the little pouch you see on the bottom picture. The bright red circle at the top is the start of the eyeballs.




Ok so I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I could very faitly see the heart beating like a little tiny light going on and off. I checked it I dont know how many times to make sure I was sure of what I was seeing. I was almost positive but figured I had just gotten my hopes up. I mean come on lets face reality- sticking a duck egg in a baby wipes warmer?




A peek inside the egg: So this was the start of day 4!! The heart is beating, vessels are forming and circulating creating a very beautiful little miracle!





So here is day 4's picture. Go back and look at the previous picture then look at this one at the little red worm looking thing. Thats baby Peep! Can you imagine?!? And today, its legs, wings, beak begin to form and the eyes continue to form as well.



The end of day 4. Not much change here but it sure is getting big lol.




In between day 4 and day 5 you can see more blood vessels have formed and the eyes moved from the front of the head to the center of the head. They still got a long way to go. And the heartbeat is very very visible :)




And this is day 5. Not too much change but you can clearly see the vessels and baby Peep really well.





This is the last picture for tonight. I take one in the mornings and at night lol. These two are the same exact pictures. I lowered the saturation in the black and white one- isnt that cool? Its reproductive organs are forming and within the next day it will for sure be a little boy or a little girl.



I could not wait to check on my baby this morning. From what I read- as long as it is growing properly and staying on tract- today it should have a visible black dot in the egg which means its eyes have formed! It took almost 3 days for its eyeballs to grow! They are still transparent right now and still have some growing to do- but I could see the black dot very clearly looking at the egg. The black dot is not the big blob lol thats the baby. The black dot is right at the tip of the arrow I put on the picture. Pictures are harder and harder to get now. Check out a peek inside the egg in the next photo.



Peek inside the egg: Here is what I look like on Day 6! My eyes are made! You see that big black circle? That is my eye! It is bigger than my brain right now hahaha. They do not fully work yet but I can see shadows and especially when Mommy shines the light on me to be nosey lol. And I can also begin to hear muffeled sounds! My ears are still a work in progress! This is what I look like as of right now!





So this is the end of Day 6. As you can tell from the first picture (the normal colored one lol) its getting very hard to see what is going on inside of the egg. So the rest of the pictures I changed the saturation in different ways to show the smaller and larger vessels as well as LOOK HOW BIG ITS GETTING. That little dark spot that looks like a butter bean lol is my little Peep



Peek inside the egg: This is by the end of day 6. This one is very similar to the last photo I posted peeking inside the egg but they are also very different as well. In the last one the brain was a clear bubble and now you can see it is taking shape. The eye too is a little more defined! I wish I could get pictures of what I see when I look at the egg. I can see the lil butter bean and the black dot for the eye. But for now this will do




Since my little peanut here is growing eyeballs lol I didnt take pictures this morning. I wanted to give it a break so as of tonight here it is!! I wrote on one of the pictures- you can kind of see the black dot for the eyeball. They are huge compared to the size of its head right now. Which speaking of lol I grew a neck today and my little beak is beginning to form. I can also move and squirm around- Mommy loves to watch me. I sure am growing really quickly! From what we can tell and I am sure its a bit off but from its size I would say its just a hair smaller than a baby lima bean!




Peek inside the egg: Ok so I dont know what all of those huge words mean lol but from what I can understand- it finally has a neck lol and its little beak is beginning to form! And yes that big black ball is its eye- the tiny little dot you saw in the picture I posted.



This is the morning of Day 8! I did a video (and postd it) of lil one moving! The orange picture here is the original. as you can tell it is hard to see. The black and white one shows the membranes and that circle in there around the baby is the amniotic sack. I did not know they had that inside of an egg!! The pink colored photo shows how big lil peep here is getting!! Check out the next two pictures how adorable!




Peek inside the egg: Again big words I dont understand lol. Going back to my original pictures- the circle you saw in the black and white picture being the amniotic sack you can clearly see here around the baby!! Look how well its eyes are defigned now and look at that tiny adorable little beak forming!!!




Peek inside the egg: LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS!!! This will be by the end of day 8 today! That big black thing is the eyeball. Its head down right now lol. It looks like a little alien with a nose but that little nose looking thing is the beak forming!


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Welcome to BYC this is so interesting.  I have candled eggs before but I've never figured out what I was seeing.  This explains it all.  I hope you post more pics as Peep grows.  Thanks so much for sharing this with us and I hope Peep is big and healthy when he hatches.  

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:welcome   How cleaver.  I never would have thought of using a baby wipes warmer for an incubator. It will be interesting to see what hatches.

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How is Peeps doing today?  

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Peep is doing amazing and growing quickly. I did a video where we coukd see him/ her moving in the egg but i dont knkw if i can or how to post it.
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Thank you so very much! I read as much as i can every day. I love this lil duck!
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I hope someone can tell you how to post a video.  I've never done it before.  You two have bonded before he is even hatched.  I love reading about Peep and seeing his pictures.

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Oh yes I told my Husband that i feel like a new Mommy going for her first ultrasound every time i check on it. When i first saw the heartbeat itbactually brought tears to my eyes. We saw it clearer as each passing day for about 3 days. When i didnt see it anymore my heart sank and i started praying. I guess it heard me cause thatvwas the first time i saw it move. I talk to it every time i turn and spray it and of course i do a quick peek with the light to make sure its still moving lol. Im like a kid in a candy store!
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Peeps is going to think of you as Mommy when he does hatch.  I can't wait I hope everything goes ok.  I've only hatched a chick in a incubater one time.  It was one of those small dome incubaters for school projects.  It was so exciting when he hatched.  He was very vocal chick I think it was from all of us talking to him all the time.  He would even play games with my grandkids.  He acted more like a dog then he did a chicken.  

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Ok so this was yesterday the end of day 8. Sweet little one is getting harder and harder to get good pictures of with all that dancing it is doing inside there :) The dark orange photo at the bottom is the original so you can see the difficulty I have. You think being an Artist I would have drawn a better image for yall lol but you get the point! The top two pictures I just changed the hue and saturation to show the size of my lil peanut.




I giggle and almost cry when I see this. Look at this beautiful little face!!!! This is what it looks like as of today 1-15-16- Incubation day 9!!! Love you Peep!


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