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Ok thank you back in she will go.. Will the pecking stop?
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Kristin, how old are you?


There is a way to train the bully chick not to peck and chase the new chick, but you need to be mature about this.


You need to accept that this is natural behavior in chicks, and a human can intervene only so much, and it might not always be the best thing. So you need to be able to control your emotions for starters.


I've had the problem of a chick pecking the the others' feathers and trying to yank them out. When the bully chick starts misbehaving, you can give it a little quick poke on its back, and do it each time it engages in this behavior.


Be very careful you aren't too forceful as baby chicks are very fragile.


It would be helpful if you went back and read all the comments on your thread a few more times until the information sinks in.

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I understand what im reading thanks for the advice, I dont know what my age has to do with it but Im 27. I understand this is the order and how things work. I just dont want to wake up with a dead baby chick. I love an care for the animals I own, to me they are part of the family. So just like if my babies were to cry my Human reaction is to protect & comfort. I have been letting them work it out, I just dont want her to be hurt. An these are our first chickens an wanted to make sure I was taking the right steps...
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The pecking will slow but even my adult birds give each other the occasional peck to keep things in order. In 6 years I have only had one serious fight among my flock. No one died but one knew she had stepped across the line hard core.


I know with them being so tiny it is hard not to want to protect them. The thing to remember is that this is natural in their species. You cannot watch them 24/7 so you have to trust natures methods in this.


Even in the best situations a chick will sometimes die. Even if no one is pecking at it and it has proper food and heat it can happen.

I lost a tiny 5 day old for no reason other than the strong survive. Being a chicken keeper is not always easy that is certain.

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I totally understand! Felt I put her in that situation so wanted to make sure because of me something bad didnt happen. Oh ya before she came they would all give eachother pecks but nothing like chasing her around pecking at her an i can hear her crying from other rooms. Today though it has calmed down a ton
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The baby is doing great and no one is picking on her anymore.. This is the cutest picture one of the bigger EE cuddled up with baby with her wing over her!
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Now that is some sisterly love there. :thumbsup

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