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Weird eggs.

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We've had eggs that we're all the way light brown, speckled ones, shiny ones, not so shiny ones, blue-ish ones and now this weird one.
Does it look familiar to anyone?

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yes, your saltwater crocodile is healthy.


no, but seriously the round pattern if it is part of the egg, rather than a stain later, is normal. The hen turns the egg inside her as she applies the 'paint'. Some turn a lot and create a uniform appearance, some turn not so much which makes speckles and blobs. Some turn a little as the coat is applied and that is what will make lines around the egg.


How many genetic lines do you have, how many families are the quails from ?

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Interesting, I didn't know that about the turning creating the colours.
Not quite sure about the genetics. I got them from a hobby farmer, she has 100's.
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The egg you have in the picture is the result of stress to the hen and its really common. Something scares her and she chooses to retain the egg within her ovaduct at which point the ovaduct begins to repaint it. Short of actual celadon eggs there are no other fancy colored eggs just tan and brown.
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That would make sense, thanks!
Learn something new every day smile.png
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Cool, but hey, no-one laughed at my joke, someone shows a picture of an odd egg and I'm like " Your saltwater crocodile is healthy " that's pure comedy gold right there. I guess I'll have to do all the laughing by myself, often the case, as I have such a well developed sense of humor, so I understand the best of the best comedy that other people miss. Oh well. I'm a comic GENIUS I tells ya !

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Oh, I did laugh wink.png but then i went back to the original matter 🙄
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oh ok :)

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Actually....there are all kinds of patterns on quail eggs glazed, speckled, spotted, brown, black, combinations, etc. I got some New red patterns that lay light brown almost orange glazed eggs. Quail are capable of mutating faster with short span between generations. 


Each bird is unique and unpredictable when you get the right lines for breeding. That when you can take some of this and some of that to make your own signature patterns. Gosh I wish Robby  @ James Marie would write a book and publish his photos.

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