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Growth all over face???

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I have never seen this before. A few weeks ago I thought she got messy with her feed and tried to wipe her face- it was tough to work off. I thought nothing of it. I pick her up to look at her closely today and it's worse. What is this and how do I fix her. Looking overhead, observing her activity, she's been totally normal otherwise. 



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How are her legs? I've heard the same kind of mites that burrow under leg scales can attack the face too. Your bird looks similar to pics of birds with face mites.
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Thank you. She only has these on her face, but it doesn't mean it can't originate there. I will look up "face mites." Accepting of any advice on how to help her.

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Looks like scaly leg mites, but on the face. It does happen. Use a wormer that targets multiple parasites, rather than just one.

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Thank you. Do you have a suggestion of one? Would Ivermectin do the trick?

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That should work.

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