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Paralyzed Leg

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My sweet Buff Orpington has a paralyzed leg. Two weeks ago she stopped wanting to fly up to the roost so I would help her up. Last week she started wanting to sleep I the nesting box. I'd put her on the roost. She would fly to the nesting box. This past weekend she started hobbling and couldn't move her leg. Ithe other chickens started pecking her head so I have moved her in the garage. She eats great, drinks water. Her poop is normal. Her leg just isn't getting better. Is there anything I can do to help her? She is my favorite girl and I hate seeing her struggle. She will be two March 13th. She was the "mother hen" to the other 21 chickens before this happened. I know that she was vaccinated for Marek's disease. I did take in a few 4 month olds last summer that I do not know for sure if they were.
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Here's a picture of my girl
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I'm sorry about your sweet hen. Since she was vaccinated for Mareks, and she is 2 months shy of 2 years old, I would wonder if she hasn't severely injured her leg that might have caused nerve damage. Of course Mareks vaccines are sometimes omitted accidentally at the hatchery, and can even fail. I know that doesn't help, but it you can afford it, you could get her tested with a PCR blood test with blood drawn by your vet, and sent off to a poultry lab such as Texas A&M. Necropsy and Mareks testing can be done by your state vet if she dies. It might not help, but you could try some poultry vitamins that include riboflavin (vitamin B2) just in case it could be a vitamin deficiency called curled toe paralysis. Let us know what happens.

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Thank you!! I'll go get vitamins tomorrow. I called my vet. He doesn't take care of chickens but his tech has a horse and chicken farm. He is going to get her to call me.
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I put the vitamins in her water Saturday. So far no change. My husband said we'd watch her one more week.
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Is she still eating and drinking normally?

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She is still eating and drinking I'm having to go out every few hours and make sure she can get to her food and water. She doesn't feel like she's lost much if any weight. Her poop is normal. I'm just stumped as to what happened. he "best chicken friend" is having a hard time too, I think. They roasted on the same post together. She won't roost there anymore and doesn't go near the other chickens. She is always on the opposite side of the coop from the others when. I go out.
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If you find out what is wrong will you let me know. I have a girl doing the same thing. She is about 2 years old just started last week she just drags it behind her she will not roost in nesting box all time now. She is still eating and drinking.
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I will our vet's assistant is going to stop by tomorrow. She has raised chickens a long time. I'm hoping she can at least figure out what's wrong. My girl is not improving. I have to help her get to her water and food now. She still eats and drinks just fine. And her poop is still normal. Absolutely baffling!
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Did you find out anything about your chicken
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