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Thanks I didn't want to hear that but I believe you are correct. I just don't get the u tube videos showing these 45 watt systems in use. Thanks for your time
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I wish I had better advice for you. I've never seen the YouTube videos of that system but my parents use one on their camper and they had to convert to led bulbs in order for the panels to keep up with their power needs and they were only using minimal light at night (a few 10 watt 12v bulbs) and occasional water pump. They would start a week off with two fully charged deep cycle batteries and until they switched to leds they'd have to hook up the truck every three days with the panels and two without them. So in three days the panels only produced 1 day worth of power.
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A couple of years ago I found a link that had 12 volt dc stock tank heaters. They had temperature controls for on/off. Don't have the site bookmarked anymore but that's a possibility for you.

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