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Yeah, I was really worried at first BUT he has really calmed down on the crowing. Putting him in the kennel and covering it with a blanket over night did the trick. He actually started crowing at exactly the time I wanted to be awake. He even saved me from being late this morning. :D


 I think things are going to work out okay. I finally fixed his pen so that he can't just get out. The Kennel will be his "coop" from now on.


The next order of things, getting him a girl friend. :cd

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Nice to hear all is well! We just need pics now wink.png
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I would love to post some pics but non of my camera's are working right now. :/

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Can I suggest that getting him just one or two girlfriends will cause lots or aggravation and stress for them. Think more in terms of half a dozen.... to share the love! I'm guessing that he is probably an adolescent rooster as they are mostly rehomed when people realise they are not pullets. Juvenile roosters can be very hard on hens and it's not pleasant to witness. Older hens and roosters are fine but there's a lot of raping and pillaging with young birds. If he isn't looking overly depressed on his own then I would leave things as they are for now. Cockerels cope much better with solitude than hens, especially if there are other species that he can interact with. Some people even keep them as house pets.


The other thing to consider is that his friendly personality may very well change if you get him some girlfriends.... he probably won't want to be picked up and held anymore.


Good luck with him whatever you decide.


Best wishes



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Thank you


Welp, now I dunno what to do. I don't have the space for that many chickens. :/ I was thinking just one or two would be fine but if what your saying is true I might just let him be a bachelor then. He doesn't seem unhappy at the moment, just a little displaced. I felt like he would settle in better if there was another chicken to give him confidence. That's all. 


I do spend time with him though, and I definitely want him to stay friendly.


I dunno, I'll figure it out.

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I don't have my own picture of him BUT he looks exactly like this:


The pic says this is a blue maran, but none of the other blue marans on the web look like this so :hu

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Well after doing some reading and careful consideration I decided to go ahead and see how he does with one hen. She is a golden Sex link and I named her Prissy.


I will say this, Roosters waste NO TIME with introductions. His way of saying hi was more of a headlong dive. Surprisingly enough afterward they were good buddies and just hung out with each other. He did some funny rooster dancing then completely ignored her. He seems like the same old rooster and she settled down and even seemed relatively relaxed.


We'll see how tomorrow goes.


I figure if he's too aggressive I can always sell the hen or get another one. Only time will tell.

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Well the Hen was the answer.


Before he was crowing all morning long until lunch, sitting in one little spot looking lonely, and not eating much.


Now he is hardly crowing at all and he and the new hen are foraging.


It's so cute to watch them. I saw him dig up a nice juicy worm and instead of eating it all himself he made a clucking noise and called the hen over. He has done that once or twice. He seems to be showing her around. Every now and then he will do a funny little rooster dance for her. He isn't trying to breed her too much like I was worried about.


But he seems a little more nervous about me now. I guess he's worried I will eat his girlfriend. :rolleyes: He isn't being aggressive though, so I'm happy. 


If I notice any problems I will just get another hen to help even things out BUT so far I'm really really happy with what I'm seeing. :D

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That's great news. I hope things continue to go well with them and perhaps you will get some eggs soon.

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