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they were my own eggs from my flock, Ameraucana, ameraucana over buff orp, over welsummer. the pure ameraucana is still thriving well. i never put it in with the others. and all that have hatched so far hatched on day 19-20 and were incubated. i have some trouble with temp being too high the first day of incubation due to my thermometers being off but after that them was steady at 99-100 and humidity was fine. and the water here is fine but i have been using bottled spring water (deer park to be exact) to give the chicks because our iron content is a bit a high.

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it was 50% 3/6 so far. and yes i was feeding dumor from tractor supply. i switched to something else last night. was there a recall on that?

I find its a texture issue that causes it to get bound in the crops of really young chicks, under a week or two old.


The only chicks I have ever lost were because I ran out of my regular feed and used Dumor while waiting for the next delivery.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  When I have young chicks like that I put them on an old towel and don't put the pine in until they are a couple of weeks old.  I just wonder if there was something in the shavings that made them sick.  There are so many things that can go wrong and again I'm sorry.  

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How old was the bottled water?? Had it sat in the warm sun at all??
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High temps and early hatching could have been part of the problem.


I see you said spring water, not distilled?  Distilled can be bad for some animals so I would stay away from it.  Spring or drinking water should be ok though.


You use pine shaving and not cedar?  Cedar can be bad for lungs since it has a high oil content and cause respitory issues.


I don't mean to ask the uninformed questions, but we do not know if you know these things.


Always try to give as much info as possible on any help posts, even if you do not think it matters :D  more is always good.

Sorry about your losses.

Everyone should have a Sultan in their flock


Everyone should have a Sultan in their flock

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i will keep that in mind thank you. this was my first time using dumor for chicks. i usually get from local feed mill but i tractor supply was more convenient this time.

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the bottled water was just purchased within the last week and has been stored inside out house as we drink it too.

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yes it was spring water and they were pine shavings not cedar. the latest chick i have tried a whole new approach with. she is in a cardboard box in our spare bedroom with paper towels on flooring (no shavings) has not received dumor feed and has only gotten save a chick electrolytes (not the poultry electrolytes that i previously had on hand) and she seems to be doing great so far. the other chicks were in a wooden and chicken wire brooder that we built in our breezeway with a heatlamp on them. they had received dumor feed, and regular poultry electrolyes and they were all hatched on day 19. the healthy one was hatched day 20. there is one chick left from the day 19 chicks and she is very lethargic. i have seen her eat and drink and walk a little but she mostly sleeps. and ive noticed that she doesnt like to be in a temp warmer than 90 the center of the heat lamp is about 100 and shes hanging outside the light around 85-90. 

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while she is sleeping or resting she will often pick her head up and looks like shes trying to swallow something. thats the only thing ive seen her do that could be odd other than being lethargic and not liking the heat.

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Well purina has had the issue of adding too much vitamin d so they could be overdosed on that
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