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Rectal Prolapse in young chick. ***warning.......vivd photos

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We put our buffs outside weeks ago and they were doing great with the other chickens until now. Our rooster tried to breed with her and now she is suffering from a prolasped rectum. I brought her in and trimmed and cleaned the area with warm water, then put honey on I read to do on this site. She inside a dog kennel alone right now. She looks to have a tear on it and a a few tiny holes. sad.png Is there anything I can do?? Should I use preparation H? Here are some before and after's of the area.

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Push it back in before it dries up! Asap!!! There are a lot of good threads specified for these things... I have no experience... So you might want to wait for someone or go read the good threads... Just research... But before that push the prolapse back inside her with a sanitized and lubricated glove!
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Was she old enough to lay an egg? A prolapse with the red tissue exposed can attract pecking by other chickens that can cause damage to the vent and cloaca. Also, vent pecking can become a habit in a flock that does not get outside much, has less than 16% protein in their feed, too little room, or bullies. Use honey or Preparation H inside and outside the vent to help reduce swelling. If she has been laying, place her in a covered cage 16 hours every night to stop laying. Keep her away from others until the prolapse has healed. Keep her vent as clean as possible and moist with honey or Preparation H.If the tissue dries out it can die. Many hens do not survive this problem. Here is some reading:

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Thank you both! No..she isn't laying. She's only a couple of months old. My mom and I were able to get it back in with sterile gloves and preparation H. So far she is doing good. Still pooping. I will keep her inside for the next couple of days and keep her checked out. Anything I should watch out for?
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Watch out for more prolapse from this chick, as it might happens again quickly, fo your research this is a serious condition and fatal one but can be treated with adequate care, as said keep her confined, she will need supplements, research prolapsed vent more on google and BYC please people read more before asking!!!
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Can you post a picture of her poop?

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Oh also i doubt she is only tow months old... Maybe you got then older than that without knowing? Can we see a full picture?
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Well we got her when she was teeny tiny....I could enclose her in my hand. I go them in October. So I guess she is over 3 months

She made it through the night and is eating and drinking great. I put electrolyte plus in her water. But, I have had to 'fix' the prolapse about 4 times now. hmm.png
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It can be normal for the prolapse to come back out, but it is a good sign that you can push it back in. Try holding her in your lap holding the prolapse in for about 10 minutes--you all could watch some TV, LOL. Watch to make sure more insides don't come out. Prolapse can recur again later on, but she still could do well. In times past, many people would just cull these chickens, but people with just a few chickens usually like to try fixing it.

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You can see the swelling has gone down a lot and her poop is looking normal, I think.
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