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I used to have a EE mix hen, Grasshopper, and a few other BSL hens.
One day, I left the door open and 5 escaped, including grasshopper. The neighbor's dog came over while we were not looking, and killed one and seriously injured 2. The others got away with minor scratches.
One of the two seriously injured hens was grasshopper. The dog had tore up her back and almost ripped her side off, almost the whole side of her thigh was gone. I would have put her down right there exept she could still walk, so I knew no bones were broken. I cleaned her wound well and put her in a place where she could still see her flockmates but not be pecked. The other hen in with her was a 4 year old BSL with severe lacerations on her back and extensive feather loss.
After several months of care, they were both healing very well from injuries I thought would kill them. They were growing in feathers, and even started laying! I was very amazed and happy.
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